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Lym's TARDIS (and Met Box) Renders

Started by lym, Feb 09, 2018, 07:40 pm

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Something a little different. A peek into the alternate universe where the TARDIS was based on a Mark 5 box:





This is actually a completely new model - the Mark 5 design translated to the Brachaki proportions and stylings.

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Forgot to post this - tentative comparison of boxes. Subject to change as the models are improved and made more accurate. This portrays them all in their late-50s-60s livery, though it's worth noting that only a few Mark 1s are known to have survived that long.


Worth mentioning I forgot to turn on the visibility settings for the Mark 5's handles.


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My Fave is Definatly The Mark 3

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Interesting indeed.  A couple thoughts:  The Mark 1 looks to me to be the most TARDIS-like.  I think they kind of attempted it with the TYJ, but the show never really got the great big roof stack fully.  Secondly, it is interesting how a normal camera angle (like you use on your images) hides the much more pronounced sloped roof of the police box.  Looking up at it, you don't see how tall the sloped part of the roof it and it looks much flatter, like a TARDIS roof. 
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I really wanted to make a background to display my boxes, but I struggled to think of anything. A junkyard? A warehouse? A street? A lot of them seemed unsuitable or incredibly difficult/render-intensive. But then... it hit me!


...The exhibition for Met boxes at Radiolympia 1936. What better way to display a police box than a recreation of a place that displayed a police box? So I've set out to recreate that. Most of the modelling is done, which just leaves texturing (including recreating the background image from scratch) and materials/lighting. But it should be fun.


(Incidentally, it was only upon making this that I realised that top of the exhibition recreates the top of a police box, complete with lamp. Very cute.)


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Nice! The Radiolympia box is an interesting variant/prototype - almost partway between a Met and a Glasgow, with the sizes of the panels. I like it, even though early boxes will always look a little 'off' to me because the SJA badge and instructions are in the 'wrong' place - well, wrong for a Tardis, and all the later boxes, anyway!  ;D
What font did you use for the top sign? Because I can't recall if we ever solved that one - I do remember discovering it didn't match the typeface on the promotional brochure/leaflet.
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