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Lym's TARDIS (and Met Box) Renders

Started by lym, Feb 09, 2018, 07:40 pm

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It's a night and day difference!  ;)

Amazing attention to detail, makes me really appreciate the design of the Met boxes! Awesome work Lym! ;D
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Andrew Harvey

Bleddy magic! Well done there Lym. Those ones of the William Hartnell pictures with a MkV are great! I had never seen them before. Well researched/observed, nicely rendered and just bleddy good to look at again and again. Top notch. Brizzol Box is great for the extra clarity. Love the wonky front doors and windows of Glasgee boxes....
  I note with great interest your dilemma in finding a suitable situation/diorama setting for the boxes; might I suggest all of them? ( Street, junkyard, space port, Dartmoor, Moon, James Web telescope(?!) Village square, Outside favourite pub, Death star, leafy lanes...) Are you any good at adding people/drunks/policemen/UNIT/Tarts/aliens?

  Thank you for such a visual treat. Smashing stuff