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Doctor Who Rogue (Audio drama fan series)

Started by roguetimelord, Feb 01, 2018, 08:57 pm

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So recently I had discovered audio dramas, well about mid-2017 I think (I had heard a 8th Doctor one at some point when I was younger, as I got it from the library). I listened to some Big Finish that was online and I enjoyed it, then I decided to get the Dark eyes series, which I now have 1, 2 and 3 of. I plan to get more Big Finish releases in future.

Then, I started listening to some Doctor who fan-audio series as-well, which I also enjoy. I've always loved the thought of making my own Doctor who fan-films, and it is possible that I'll make some live-action bits in future, but I plan to create an audio series instead, because it'll be less hassle than trying to construct an impressive live-action fan film.

Anyway, this audio series will be entitled "Doctor Who Rogue", at the moment at least, I may change my mind, but the Rogue bit sounds fine to me.

This series, will be set in an alternate universe, where The Doctor (Along with 2 other Timelord accomplices) travel to Earth in a TARDIS to prevent the Dalek invasion of Earth. The fight continues for some time, other Timelords may join the fray, I'm unsure. Eventually, only The Doctor will remain out of the trio that was his crew, therefore he runs away, desperate to escape. At some point, he encounters a Dalek patrol and blinded by rage, he kills them all, however afterwards, he feels regret... Before another Dalek patrol can exterminate the Doctor, he is teleported to Gallifrey, where the High Council will exile him for desertion and deem the Doctor a "Rogue" (Hence the title).

This version of the Doctor will be his second incarnation (The first will remain secret) and will be played by myself and hopefully I can get some people to voice other characters.

I'm thinking of giving the Doctor an old, damaged sonic, some random gadgets and a limited teleporter, whilst his TARDIS remains dormant on Earth. Eventually, he could get it back, but that's the basic outline of the plot for now.

I've already started coming up with some plots for future episodes. The first series will be about the Doctor's fight against the Daleks and his exile and such.

More details soon!


Interesting idea. Maybe, if this is an alternative universe, this intervention could conceivable be the catalyst that helps create the world with airships and Cybus industries that we saw when the 10th Doctor visited?

Also with this being an audio adventure, perhaps there are members on here that might want to help you out by recording a character or two?


Thanks, and I think I can try integrate that idea somehow, thanks! And if anyone would like to help out, then they are welcome to ask and I'll try sort it out, maybe E-mailing people their lines?


It was just a thought, glad you liked the idea.

Maybe if you posted a cast list of the characters you need to fill it would help you get the right people for the right job.

Give a rough age of the character and rough guide of how many lines they have. That way people can decide if they are right for a part and if they have the time to commit.

I'm  looking forward to seeing how this project goes.