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New, New TardisBuilders!

War Doctor Console Room

Started by d33j r093r5, Jan 15, 2018, 02:53 am

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awesome build,  What kind of printer are you using for this?
I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"

d33j r093r5

2 Printers actually, both same make and model: Wanhao Duplicator 4S... which is technically an almost EXACT knock-off of a Makerbot Replicator 2... same hardware, same firmware, same design, but cheaper from China... ;) There are now other, far more superior printers to these, which make setting up and printing even easier than it is now, and produce extraordinary print qualities. For what I'm currently doing with these, I'm happy with them though. :)


Thanks for that information, I have been thinking about dipping my toes into the 3D printing arena,   Being able to replicate or print out things that I need right in the house seems so much more cost effective.
I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


Looking extremely impressive. :)

d33j r093r5

... well, it CAN be, depending on what you want to print, and how often you intend to print... If you're going to print often, usable parts that you would otherwise buy, then probably... if we're talking about model making like this, then I would say yes, after your initial "getting started" costs and your learning curve (certainly cheaper than commissioning someone to do them for you)... mostly, 3D printers are still mainly used for rapid-prototyping or model-making, which saves bundles for companies involved in manufacturing or construction. 3D printing IS finally entering the market as a player in commercial production with some absolutely amazing technologies, but they're not really for the home market. Generally speaking, mass-produced bits you might buy in a shop probably WILL be cheaper, simply because they can produce them by the 1000s per hour, whereas a 3D printer may take several hours to make 1! So, as I said, it CAN be cheaper, depending on application and frequency of use... for most things though, probably not...

If you want to make TARDISes however, ABSO-FRIGGING-LUTELY!! ;)


d33j r093r5

thanks Kingpin... :)

Davros Skaro

Those updates are absolutely brilliant. I've said it before & I'll say it again, "I'm loving this build!"

That checker board effect came out really well. Keep up the good work.  :) :) 8)


d33j r093r5

Feb 09, 2018, 10:21 am #52 Last Edit: Feb 09, 2018, 12:49 pm by d33j r093r5
:P ... it's been... well... an interesting couple of days, not to put too fine a point on it... for starters, that first batch of Roundels finished printing without hiccough...

P1020565 copy.jpg

P1020568 copy.jpg

... and they don't need ANY cleaning up at all. :) The great thin about them as well: I designed them to be 0.5mm smaller in diameter than the Roundel holes in the walls, just for clearance. They fit actually really nicely as a result, but they sort of "pop" into place, like they were designed to clip in. That was accidental, but I'm happy with it. It means they are easy to fit in (occasionally with a little "tough love" ;) ), but they ain't coming out again easily...

P1020570 copy.jpg   P1020573 copy.jpg

P1020572 copy.jpg   P1020571 copy.jpg

... things progressing there as they should... the 2nd to last top section of the base also completed without hitch...

P1020545 copy.jpg

P1020549 copy.jpg

P1020550 copy.jpg

... I'll say it again, those top pieces look fantastic straight off the glass! ... PROVIDED I don't get any warping...  ;D

As an aside...

P1020556 copy.jpg

P1020558 copy.jpg

P1020560 copy.jpg

P1020562 copy.jpg   P1020563 copy.jpg   P1020564 copy.jpg

... my office / work space is looking quite the pig-sty! It was mostly immaculate before I started!!  :P ... I was thinking I'd wait until I'd finished the build before I cleaned up, especially with all those stray bits of filament all over the place, but I may have to do it sooner than that... because I've hit some snags, and I'm not sure it can wait... but we'll get to that in a moment...

P1020576 copy.jpg

... GRATUITY SHOT!! I don't know, I'm not happy with this one, but I wanted to see what Sir John looked like next to those walls... what do you guys think...? I'll take some better ones later...

... the last of the top sections completed yesterday morning... ish...

P1020577 copy.jpg

P1020578 copy.jpg

P1020579 copy.jpg

... without a hitch. Awesome! At least now we know it's gonna look the part :)

P1020588 copy.jpg

P1020589 copy.jpg

P1020590 copy.jpg

... well, it will when it's finished, at least.... I hope... *crosses fingers*

... now that the top sections are done, and we have an almost full spool of dark grey filament, we can continue with the larger base sections :)

P1020591 copy.jpg

... aaaaaaand here's where things started to go a bit wrong  :P

I was getting set up to print the next batch of roundels on the 2nd printer. Part of the current start-up procedure involves some filament loading and unloading; essentially, priming the nozzle / extruder so that there IS actually filament feeding to the print bed so it does print something. This is fairly new, both printers seem to be glitching out at the end of prints at the moment and retracting the filament back quite a ways, so that there is none in the feeder, and it can't grab anything to print with. I'm not sure why this is happening, but it's recent, and on BOTH printers, which makes me suspect that I did something to the code a little while back and don't remember what it is that I've done! Anyway...

... the filament wouldn't load, and acted like there was a fairly major blockage in there. That's annoying, because it means taking part of the print assembly apart to clear the clog, depending on where it is. The feeder would grab quite a bit filament before jamming, which meant that the clog was probably close to, if not in, the nozzle and feed pipe area. Which is the worst place for a clog, because it's the most involved to clear it. And this is why I'm not liking why the feeder is retracting filament at the ends of prints, because this scenario is more likely to happen if it does...

... I started to take apart the nozzle end of the extruder. It was really tight, and didn't want to turn easily at all! Yup, 10-to-1, that's where the block is... so, after a couple of fairly deft twists, it came loose.... in the worst way possible...

P1020592 copy.jpg

P1020593 copy.jpg

... ok, so, you see that awful mess on the left hand side? That's the clogged side, sans nozzle... the twisted mess hanging out of it is the remains of the nozzle feed pipe, and some filament stuck inside it... it didn't leave with the nozzle, meaning it's clagged itself to the inside of the hot-end! Unfortunately, the removal of that is completely moot, because part of what it's jammed into is the OTHER HALF OF THE NOZZLE THAT SNAPPED OFF WHEN I WAS REMOVING IT. The threaded end to be precise...

P1020596 copy.jpg

... the bit of the nozzle that came free with my deft twisting *sigh* sans feeder pipe, sans thread...

... I mulled over possibilities for a while as to what I could do and how quickly I could do it, and which bits I could replace and where, when I realised that I have spare tubing, I had a spare nozzle, and the LEFT hand side was unused (as you can see from the above pictures)... I didn't need to fix anything, I could just work around it. It took me a disturbingly long time for me to realise that that was what I could do, it should have been obvious to me from the start... too many things to think about I guess...

... anyway, the fixed extruder assembly...

P1020601 copy.jpg

... I had to re-do the batch Roundel program so that it would use the left extruder now, rather than the right... and that took a while, because it had been so long since I looked at the code I wasn't certain what I should change... I figured it out in the end though because...

P1020602 copy.jpg

... we got another batch of Roundels... and actually the last I have completed thus far. 1) because while I can print them, swapping extruders in the program has had another side-effect of the XY gantry behaving slightly oddly at the start of the program and slamming into the hard limits at the ends! I'm not sure what caused that! Technically I can continue, because once it's done that, the program executes without any other hitches, but I'd rather get that behaviour stopped. And 2) I just haven't been ar**ed turning it back on and setting it up for another run since last night... and that's because of the OTHER hitch that occurred that was thoroughly demoralising...

P1020603 copy.jpg

... the next finished section of the base!! :)  ;D

P1020605 copy.jpg

... looks good doesn't it?
... notice anything wrong...???!  >:(

... to be fair, I didn't notice it until I had it sitting on my desk, and only AFTER I'd taken these pictures as well. It doesn't actually look finished! It's like it has completely skipped printing the filled in surface! The print job completed, but it was like it wasn't printing ANYTHING for the last few layers... which, as it turned out, was exactly what happened! And this is one of the really big pitfalls of 3D printing. It happens rarely, but sometimes, on a reeeeeally long print (anywhere between 10 and 20 hours in length, but actually it's annoying whenever it happens), the print gets to 70%, 80%, 90% etc complete, and then FAILS! You have effectively wasted all that time, and a whole heap of filament as well...  >:(  >:(

... as a slight digression, while I remember, I DID come up with some possible fixes while I was musing over this today, but I'll come back to that...

... this was why I abandoned any more printing last night, and haven't done any printing today thus far. I DID have a lot to do today besides, so I couldn't really devote too much time to it in any case, so I felt it was mostly best left until I had some free time and space in which to work properly, but I was too tired and more than a little annoyed and frustrated by the setbacks... c'est la vie, they happen...

... I thought at first that the filament had just snapped off at some point during the feed, and so eventually no filament was getting to the hot-end and being extruded. Which IS what happened, but not for expected reasons. See, I expect this to happen if I'm using some older filament; maybe it's dried out and become a bit brittle, maybe it was a bit sh**e to begin with. But this dark grey stuff is both brand new, and some of the best filament I've ever printed with. So, I was a bit surprised... when I finally got around to taking the filament out of the extruder to start loading it again is when I noticed what the problem was. I felt it first while I was holding the filament end in one hand and reaching for the pliers, so I turned to look at it. It was way too thick! Like, by a lot...!!!

Filment for FDM printers comes in 2 flavours; 1.75mm diameter, and 3mm diameter. Both my printers take 1.75mm. The diameters are VERY specific, and need to be. It affects the speed of the feeder, and ultimately how much is extruded through the 0.4mm nozzle to lay down a nice, even-flowed line of... well, plastic goop, lets be honest, but the extruder is also pushing it flat as it travels. It's also whey the print bed has to be dead level (to the rest of the printer) especially for that first layer, and why the distance to the bed for that first layer is so critical as well. If you try and feed thicker filament through, you bugger up all the ratios. But at a certain point, the feeder just won't take a filament that is too thick, because the machinery isn't designed for filament much thicker than the spec!...

This spool WAS supposed to be 1.75mm. And it was to start with, I got 4 successfully printed base-tops out of it. AND, most of the next print as well... but then, it just started getting thicker, and thicker, until it wouldn't fit anymore through! The diameter that it finally baulked on was about 2.45mm when it snapped...  >:(  

P1020610 copy.jpg

P1020611 copy.jpg

P1020612 copy.jpg

P1020613 copy.jpg

P1020614 copy.jpg

... and slowly reduced back to within tolerance over a distance of about 1.5m. I had a few options at this point:
     1) cut off the affected section, set back up and try again. Problem is, I have no way of knowing if this is going to happen again. I've used about a quarter off the spool, mostly on the last piece I was attempting to print. What if it happens again? And now, as a result of the failed print, I'm already going to be short...
     2) possible solution to the above - re-spool the filament and inspect it as it goes. Chances are, the rest of the spool is going to be fine, but I've still wasted a lot of it, which I'm not happy about. And the procedure of re-spooling and inspecting will take a loooooooong time. And if I find a problem, it doesn't look good if I've faffed around with the rest of the spool...
     3) what I finally went with - get in touch with the supplier, tell em what's happened and give em the photos I've just given you. I need an extra spool now (have one on back order, but it's now not going to be enough). Besides, I figure, if they've got faulty stock, they're going to want to know about it. It wouldn't just be me, anyone in this situation would have the same problem...

... the supplier was actually really helpful, was a bit horrified to hear what had happened. Upside, he agreed to replace the spool in addition to the one I currently have on back-order. He needed this one back though - I think he wants to have a word with HIS supplier / manufacturer. So, I don't get to keep it and potentially use the remaining good bits, but that's ok, I'm happy with the result. Downside, my 2 new spools aren't gonna be here for up to 2 weeks!  :-\  I knew this; when I ordered my first spool I was informed they were out of stock and that's how long I'd have to wait for my back-ordered filament... but, it effectively means that, after the Roundels (which I will now continue with on 2 printers), printing / assembling is going to grind to a halt. That's a bit of a pain; the semester starts on the 26th and I was hoping to have been finished, or at least pretty much finished by then... the best laid plans of mice and men *shrugs*

... getting back to that second batch of Roundels however...

P1020606 copy.jpg

... no problems there, fortunately. This was the first batch with the new nozzle on the left hand extruder...

P1020607 copy.jpg

... mint! :)

P1020608 copy.jpg

... these actually went in with a little more difficulty than the first, though not much. I think I can continue in this vein... :)

Getting back to the failed print, I had a few ideas as to what I could do to possibly not count this as a total loss. Well, for one thing, I do now know the upper limit for filament through my extruder, and it tops out at about 2.4mm. Not that I'm ever going to try that in any kind of earnestness, but it's good to know just in case I ever end up with out-of-spec filament again...

... more practically though, there is only a few mm difference between the finished base pieces, and the one that failed on me (somewhere between 3mm & 5mm)... I could potentially either print a small cross section to fit into the gap that would be left between the 2 pieces. It would save re-printing the whole thing again! Alternatively, I could re-print one of the top sections a bit fatter. Would use a bit more filament, but would be a more elegant solution. Both of which are currently moot as I have no dark grey filament to print with!!!  >:(  >:(  >:(

... nuts to this, I'm going to assemble what I have regardless coz reasons and shush!! I want to feel better about this situation!  ;)

P1020615 copy.jpg

... ok, that looks ok from this angle...

P1020616 copy.jpg

... this one too...

P1020617 copy.jpg

P1020618 copy.jpg

... fjjjjiiiggrrrrrrrrhhhmmmmmmmbahhumbug!!!  >:(

... ok, it's not as bad as all that, the small section to fill that gap won't be a bad idea actually, I can make it work, it will be just as sturdy, and there will actually be no angle you would view it from realistically in which you would notice it was done... so, bright side, fixable, eminently so... not-so-bright-side, 2 week lead time...  >:(

... I needed to feel better about this miserable turn of events so, I decided to assemble EVERYTHING I currently had, and add some make-shift support in the areas that needed it, just so I could see the end goal...

And I wasn't disappointed...

P1020619 copy.jpg

P1020620 copy.jpg

P1020621 copy.jpg

P1020622 copy.jpg

P1020623 copy.jpg

P1020624 copy.jpg

... ok, you can see that the floors aren't really mounted properly and sitting slightly askew, but that will all line up once completed. It's the overall effect that I'm finally pleased with. Generally speaking, things are lining up where they are supposed to, which is always a bit iffy when you're incorporating pre-manufactured pieces. Happy with this result... :) :) :)

... and just to leave you with a final nice couple of shots with the man himself...

P1020626 copy.jpg

P1020627 copy.jpg

P1020625 copy.jpg

... see you soon :)


Davros Skaro

Feb 09, 2018, 10:32 pm #53 Last Edit: Feb 09, 2018, 10:39 pm by Davros Skaro
Looking good, sorry to hear about the stuff up with the filament& having to wait 2 weeks for it,  :-[ not good, but with the replacement you end up with the extra filament that you have already used & we're happy to wait.  :) I was thinking while reading to print just the section missing, then as I read on you mentioned it so well done. Two questions though, 1) why do you have the Doctor standing on a clear disc? am I missing something? 2) Under the console the is something black siting on the plinth in front of the Doctor & was wondering what it is? Circled in Green.

P1020625 .jpg



The thing you've circled Davros Skaro is the two hammers that are on the console


Hope that helps


d33j r093r5

Feb 10, 2018, 04:19 am #55 Last Edit: Feb 10, 2018, 03:40 pm by d33j r093r5
Hey Chris, BioDoctor900 is bang on the money, that's exactly what they are :) on the 2005 console you can frequently see them hanging in much the same manner, so that's why I have them where they are... :-)

As to the plastic disc, it's actually a figurine / action figure stand. I have a fairly substantial CO 5" figure collection, which I keep on display. They have a tendency to not stay upright though, so I have them afixed to those clear stands. Also makes it easier to pose them... I'll  upload a couple of pictures to show you when I'm back in front of my pc... :-)


Feb 10, 2018, 06:31 pm #56 Last Edit: Feb 11, 2018, 11:32 am by funnynwittyreference
Have you ever considered uploading the files for these to somewhere where other people can download them? Because I'd love to be able to make my own War Doctor TARDIS; and your work is astounding, infinitely better than anything I could make.
I've come out of lurking just to post this.


Feb 13, 2018, 06:03 pm #57 Last Edit: Feb 13, 2018, 06:03 pm by galacticprobe
Quote from: funnynwittyreference on Feb 10, 2018, 06:31 pm
Have you ever considered uploading the files for these to somewhere where other people can download them?

If I may make a suggestion on this, Dropbox and Thingiverse are great places. It's easy to download from them, and they don't charge you through the nose like Shapeways.

Just my 2p worth.

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"

d33j r093r5

Feb 14, 2018, 05:11 am #58 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2018, 07:49 am by d33j r093r5
... the problem with not posting updates immediately as soon as you have things to report is that you've then got to rack your brains and try and remember everything that happened since the last post, and put it into some semblance of order. My short-term memory is a bit fried, so that process is infinitely harder these days...

... the plus side is, BIG update :)

I'[m still waiting for dark grey filament. I had an email the other day saying that there is currently a problem with supply from the manufacturers end.  :P ... annoying, but it was already old hat by the time I got the message... I'm getting ahead of myself though...

I DID have a small amount of dark grey left on my old spool; not enough to print anything major, but I could certainly use it to print the Upper Dais Inserts...

P1020632 copy.jpg

P1020635 copy.jpg

... these were printed face-down on the glass so I could get a nice, smooth finish. I wasn't worried about warping or curling as the bits are so small and fine, they print really quickly and don't have enough time to be on the heated bed for them to start warping. These 2, first pieces were by way of a test. One of the inserts is slightly different from all the others, as one "leg" is shorter than the other (it intersects a point where a dowel goes through the dais), so it and one other went first. The results speak for themselves, more or less...

P1020636 copy.jpg

P1020637 copy.jpg

... they may need a small dab of glue or blu-tack to get them to sit flatter and keep them in place, but I'm pretty pleased with how they look... :)

I need 8 of em all up, so I printed another 2 batches of 4 (leaving me with 2 spare in case of mishaps - didn't need em though ;) )...

P1020640 copy.jpg

P1020643 copy.jpg

P1020645 copy.jpg

P1020646 copy.jpg

... that's the look we're going for...  ;D

all the inserts took less than an hour to print. While I was faffing around with them on the first printer, I had the second printer making more roundels...

P1020650 copy.jpg   P1020651 copy.jpg

P1020652 copy.jpg

P1020654 copy.jpg

... 3 down, 5 to go... I'd started having some issues with some fairly major blockages on the second printer and the clear filament, so I switched it over to the first printer once the dais inserts were finished. As a side note for future reference, now that I have TWO printers and I want to print the same thing over and over again on both printers to save time, make sure I have at least TWO spools of the same filament  ::)

... once I'd cleared all the blockages, i decided I should probably get printing on the pipes for the floor. In short order...

P1020655 copy.jpg

P1020656 copy.jpg

P1020657 copy.jpg

P1020658 copy.jpg

P1020659 copy.jpg

P1020660 copy.jpg

P1020661 copy.jpg

P1020662 copy.jpg

P1020663 copy.jpg

... !!!! Holy cr*p that looks amazing!! I wasn't expecting the pipes to print anywhere NEAR as good as that!!  :D  :D  :D

P1020665 copy.jpg

P1020666 copy.jpg

... it's even pretty gosh-darn round! To understand why I'm so stoked about this, you would have needed to have seen some of my very early prints when I first got a 3D printer a few years back... I thought they were limitations of the printer, also probably of myself to fail to find a way to print things like this successfully. It may have just been the quality of the filament I was using which, if I'm honest, was particularly cheap and nasty. A few years and some experience later, lesson learned. In filament, like in most things, you get what you pay for...

P1020667 copy.jpg

P1020668 copy.jpg

P1020669 copy.jpg

P1020670 copy.jpg

... in case I've been understating it, REALLY happy with this! On with the next one...

P1020675 copy.jpg

P1020676 copy.jpg

... and while that's happening, more roundels...

P1020673 copy.jpg

P1020674 copy.jpg

... and another pipe finished... the roundel batches are taking roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes. The pipes are being turned around in between 45 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes...

P1020679 copy.jpg

P1020681 copy.jpg

P1020682 copy.jpg

;D ;D ;D

P1020685 copy.jpg

P1020687 copy.jpg

... next pipe on...

P1020688 copy.jpg

P1020692 copy.jpg

... next roundels off...

P1020698 copy.jpg

P1020702 copy.jpg

P1020703 copy.jpg   P1020705 copy.jpg   P1020704 copy.jpg

... I'm starting to notice that a few of the roundels have a slightly different pattern than the majority, and always in the same place on the printer... the bed is a little warped, and it's squishing the first couple of layers a little flatter than the others. The patterning looks nice, but they're actually very thin, and I have to be careful when inserting them into the walls that I don't accidentally push my finger through them! It happened on a couple... you can see the line going through the roundel where it's split!  :-\  I can live with it...

P1020706 copy.jpg

... oops, wrong wall! It doesn't matter a great deal, i was attempting to assemble them in order, but wasn't paying enough attention. I ain't taking them out again though...

... and so, start the next batch of roundels a-printing, take the next pipe off...

P1020710 copy.jpg

P1020712 copy.jpg

P1020713 copy.jpg

... and the next pipe on. This one was a bit different because it needed support!  :-\  :P ... printing support is a pain, because it inevitably sticks to the bit you want to keep, is awfully difficult to remove (it's like it's part of the print itself), and even once you have it leaves a rotten mess behind. I NEEDED to do it because of the way I'd chosen to do the pipes, and HOPED that it would be fine as the cross section that abutted to the support was minimal (touched only tangentially on the bottom). You may recall that some pipes now disappear into the floor instead of just terminating there. That means either printing the pipes upside down with the tail in the air (not a fan, I want the top edge, which is visible to look fairly pristine), or print it the right way up and print support under the majority of the length... I chose the latter...

P1020728 copy.jpg

...  :o holy snot balls, even THAT'S worked out brilliantly...!!!  :o

P1020729 copy.jpg

... but will the support come off...?

P1020730 copy.jpg

P1020731 copy.jpg

... *SNAP*, and off it popped!!  :D  :D  ;D  :D

P1020732 copy.jpg

P1020733 copy.jpg

... anyway, that's the silver pipes, on with the blue ones! ... and more roundels... to cut a long story short...

P1020734 copy.jpg

P1020742 copy.jpg

P1020750 copy.jpg

P1020752 copy.jpg

P1020753 copy.jpg

... oops! Lucky I have a couple of spares!

... it was about this point that I started to have an idea about the remaining parts of the base that I didn't have filament for. I was looking at my clear slowly running out and wondering if I'd have enough to finish all the roundels. That's when I found out I didn't have another spool of clear! I started wondering if I could get away with doing them in white, but as they're visible it just wouldn't look right. I also briefly wondered at the the same time if I could get away with doing the remaining dark grey pieces in black, and would it be very noticeable? I could even just print out temporary bits from black so I can at least finish assembling the thing, and replace them after (it was kind of critical at this point - I needed the whole thing to hold together while assembled other pieces, and bits falling all over the place because they're just "sitting" is both frustrating and time consuming)... it's not like you can see..........

... And then I realised that most of the parts of the base left to print aren't going to be visible! Well, not unless you go actively looking for them, and why would you? All the action is up front and on top, and that's already (almost) all printed. The remaining pieces are either under the dais, or at the back and underneath already printed parts.  :D  :D Brilliant! once I've finished with pipes and roundels, I can set both printers to bulk print off the missing base pieces in... well... ANY filament really, you're not gonna see em!

... back to the task at hand...

P1020758 copy.jpg

P1020760 copy.jpg

P1020762 copy.jpg

P1020763 copy.jpg

P1020764 copy.jpg

P1020765 copy.jpg

... like a bought one...! ;) :)

Speeding things up a little...

P1020773 copy.jpg

P1020777 copy.jpg

P1020782 copy.jpg

P1020784 copy.jpg

P1020786 copy.jpg

... roundels!

P1020789 copy.jpg

P1020791 copy.jpg

P1020798 copy.jpg

... ugh, that clear spool is getting verrrrrry lean...  but, I think I'll have enough to complete at this stage...

... pipes...!

P1020805 copy.jpg

P1020807 copy.jpg

P1020822 copy.jpg

P1020827 copy.jpg


P1020833 copy.jpg

... PIPES!!!

P1020844 copy.jpg

... to be continued.............


d33j r093r5

Feb 14, 2018, 08:02 am #59 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2018, 11:28 am by d33j r093r5
.... aaaaaand Roundels...!

P1020853 copy.jpg

P1020855 copy.jpg

... and that was it! All the roundels and pipes completed.  :)

P1020857 copy.jpg

P1020858 copy.jpg

... on with the Half-Roundels, and my cunning plan for the remainder of the base!  ;D

... while I had reached a point where I was certain about completing all the Roundels with the filament I had left, the Halves were another matter...

P1020863 copy.jpg

... it would PROBABLY be enough, but I figured I'd break the printing into 2 batches rather than 1. If I run out on one, then I have a complete set of half-finished and unusable HRs. If I split the load, then I'll at least get half as many as I need if it runs out on the 2nd batch. Did a test piece first, of course...

P1020860 copy.jpg

P1020861 copy.jpg

... yup, that's good... tiiiiny bit loose, but I figured it wasn't a big deal. I needn't have worried anyway; the rest were quite snug fitting, with the application of a bit of force... again, I get ahead of myself...

... while the HRs were busy on printer 1, I set printer 2 to print the first of the missing base sections...

P1020864 copy.jpg

P1020865 copy.jpg

... a batch of HRs takes about an hour and 40 minutes. The Base sections take approximately 10 hours! ...

P1020867 copy.jpg

P1020868 copy.jpg

... so the next batch of these will be done long before that base section comes off the printer...

P1020877 copy.jpg

... oooof, that filament is running out fast... just one more batch, pleeeeeeease...!

... and the first set of completed walls!!!  :D  :D

P1020870 copy.jpg

P1020871 copy.jpg

P1020872 copy.jpg

P1020873 copy.jpg

... whatever other flaws the walls may have, they disappear when you see them completed like this... at least, I think they do...

... base section progress report:

P1020874 copy.jpg

... yeeeeeeah, this is gonna take a while.

I know I seem fairly impatient at this point, especially given the fairly regular pace I was keeping earlier. But the project is getting close to being finished, and I'm keen to see how that base section looks  / if you will notice it when assembled, and 11 odd hours is an awfully long time to wait for it...! ::)  anywayyyy...

P1020877 copy.jpg

... oy, it's gonna be close...

P1020879 copy.jpg

... but we made i! :)

P1020883 copy.jpg

... and I can now set the other printer up to print base sections as well! They'll come out very fast now... relatively speaking...

P1020889 copy.jpg

... I set to print the next under-dais section. All the outer pieces connect to these, as well as each other, and it helps bring the raised daises and console more seamlessly into the whole assembly. It needs to be constructed in 2 halves as well given the placement of the joins, so this was a next logical piece to my mind...

... meanwhile, the other base piece...

P1020888 copy.jpg

.... aaaaaaaaahhh, will you hurry up already...!!!! ;)

... so, this morning I find these...

P1020890 copy.jpg

P1020891 copy.jpg

... yay! I will admit, I was a bit nervous leaving it overnight. The last one of these I tried to print failed because the filament got too big... you all know this already, I ranted enough about it... as for the front under-dais section...

P1020900 copy.jpg

... getting there. And how does the completed section look...?

P1020892 copy.jpg

P1020893 copy.jpg

... very promising. Just one problem...

P1020894 copy.jpg

... I failed to make any allowance for a hole in the base! The hole-section in the top piece is for one of the pipes, which I made when I was altering how it would all fit together, but I neglected to do it in the bottom section. That's a bit of a problem. Ach, we'll come back to that, how does the overall thing look though...

P1020895 copy.jpg

... fantastic! From this angle you really can't tell, and the only way you would know is if you picked it up and looked underneath, or got round behind it (which is unlikely, most probably it will be up against a wall)...

P1020896 copy.jpg

P1020897 copy.jpg

... good, good...

... a little while later the under-dais section came off the first printer...

P1020903 copy.jpg

P1020904 copy.jpg

P1020905 copy.jpg

P1020906 copy.jpg

... you can see that it warped a little, but this piece is still usable. The place it warped is in the same old spot I've been having trouble with, the front-left corner of the first printer, and right at that spot there was no blue tape to help it adhere. So, again, avoid that spot, and more blue-tape... btw, this was a few hours later, so the next base section was already well under way on the second printer...

P1020907 copy.jpg

... but back to the completed piece...

P1020909 copy.jpg

... this is what we want...! :)  :) ... again, with the dais in place...

P1020910 copy.jpg

P1020911 copy.jpg

... you won't even know it's there...! :) ... and so, we start the next piece on printer 1...

P1020912 copy.jpg

... and a little while later, we have the next base section off printer 2...

P1020916 copy.jpg

P1020920 copy.jpg

P1020921 copy.jpg

P1020922 copy.jpg

P1020923 copy.jpg

P1020925 copy.jpg

... now I'm actually feeling like the model is coming together. It's no longer just a collected mish-mash of parts... the structure is becoming apparent. It's also nice to see that I got the measurements right...

P1020927 copy.jpg

...ooh, that does look good...

P1020928 copy.jpg

P1020929 copy.jpg

... happy. :)

The next base section is due to come off printer 1 in the next hour or 2, and the final section will probably be another 6 hours or so... I DID however make some changes to the upcoming prints after these...

WDCR Floor Base for segmenting_Rear 5-8_scaled for printing_180127_001.JPG

... this is the last section that needs to go n the printer. I made an adjustment to allow for that pipe I was talking about earlier. That's fine for the section I HAVEN'T printed, what about the one I already did? I considered drilling it, and I might still do that (it would be simpler, cheaper, faster), but there's no guarantee that that will work... the wall is a bit too thin for that size drill-bit, and the damage could potentially ruin the piece... also, it;s plastic, and given how thin the in-fill is in the wall cavities, I could end up with a horrible melted mess. So...

WDCR Floor Base for segmenting_Rear 4-8_scaled for printing_180127_001.JPG

... I re-prepared the one I already printed just in case, making allowance for that hole.

Phew, we're up to date! I'll post again when these next sections have finished...