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1933 List of Glasgow Boxes

Started by realboxmike, Dec 16, 2017, 01:41 pm

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Dec 16, 2017, 01:41 pm Last Edit: Jan 09, 2018, 11:59 pm by hb88banzai
Adding on to this topic (originally part of, the following may be of some interest. It is an extract from the Chief Constables Annual Report for 1933 concerning the new Police Box system. It lists some of the newly installed Police Boxes indicated with an asterix, but also lists the type of box concerned with this topic that are indicated without an asterix etc. (including the one recovered from Fleming Street. I hope that the quality is readable, if not I will have a rethink on how to post it!

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Oh, this is awesome Mike!

Very, very useful - many thanks!

Anything else you have in your archives, please feel free to post in whatever form you can manage - it will always be most welcome.

Oh, and this is perfectly readable. I'll type it up and post as an Article. Do you happen to have the actual date of that report?

Considering the 1928 photo we have at Shawlands Cross that shows the original Mark 1 still there, I wonder how many of these non-asterisk versions are still the oldest types? Though come to think on it, I suppose they would likely have been the first slated for replacement.

One thing I notice is that the Mark 3s at Bridgeton Cross and St Enoch Square are included as "New Type" Boxes. That helps confirm some previous assumptions and clarify a bit their place in the scheme of things.


Dec 17, 2017, 08:27 am #2 Last Edit: Dec 17, 2017, 08:29 am by hb88banzai
Nope, not all.

The Box at Hyndlund Street and North Gardner is still listed as an old type Box in those scans for the 1933 system, so unless it was replaced by a Mark 2 in the interim, it's still the Mark 1 shown in the postcard that Starcross just posted for the later B23

Great, now I'm going to have to cross-reference all of this.  ;D


The date of the report was 31 Dec 1933 and as you can see, C Division was the experimental area for the new Police Boxes with other Divisions receiving new boxes in a peace meal fashion. Unlike the Met Police, Glasgows new Boxes were installed (not including C Div) on an ad-hoc basis with all divisions receiving a small number for each month or year between 1934 and 1938.


Yes, I saw that was the "as at" date for the list table, but was just curious if you had the date the original full Annual Report was written/published.

I know the Met version of these annual reports were often dated four or more months after the end of the year it was reporting on - just additional details it's often good to know for putting things in context.


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Split this off from, as there's going to be a lot to say as a result of researching this list and didn't want to clutter the original Topic.