series 10 TARDIS and its changes

Started by boxman550, Dec 06, 2017, 07:55 pm

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here we have the picture of the capaldi TARDIS in series 10 All its overall changes 
1st when capaldi got the TARDIS the window frames got thicker from time of the doctor til now.
2nd since 2012 end of series 6 ish the lamp changed to the one we have as of 2017.
3rd the base step up of the box is much thicker has been since matt got the TARDIS.
4th in series 10 well 2016 special return of doctor mysterio to now the top sign and door sign of the TARDIS was changed.
5th the st johns sticker changed when capaldi became the doctor.
6th the colour of the box as of series 10 is pantone 2955c (TARDIS blue).
7th there is also a second series 10 prop but the plans of it are a tad thinner and was seen in London when promoting series 10
8th finally the TARDIS windows its made up of white thick wooden frames with black and white tinted glass in a t shape with blue LED'S behind them placed on a black piece of wood meaning the windows are not see through and im unsure but the white panes of glass are no longer bumpy its smooth like the rest. thats all i know of the capaldi box and as of height wise its roughly 5ft wide and 10 ft tall from base to lamp and the lit parts of the box are the lamp the top sign and the windows and door sign .2017 capaldi TARDIS point out.png