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Ideas for 3D printed Props

Started by elkad, Nov 12, 2017, 06:35 pm

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I don't know were to put this post.

I was looking at a Metabelious crystal replica post & thought. Is it possible to make a convincing 3D printed crystal?

I searched on YouTube & the answer was yes.

After seeing this I thought what other props can be 3D printed.

I'v seen 3D printed Tardis Keys....And..Aaa...That all I can think of.


Lets start with Doctor Who Crystal Props & see what grows from that.  ;D


I found a person who make a flexible 3d printed slug & thought. If you adjust the file a bit. You can make a Cybermat.
Unless I forgot or didn't see it yet, Is there all ready a 3d print file for a Cybermat?


Don't get me started, my list is far too long. And not enough time to model them in 😭😭😭


I just had an IDEA! There is one prop I really want to make, but I lack in alot of INFO & EXPERIENCE. I want to print out a 3D mask, or a mold, of the Nestens Auton face from "Spearhead From Space". I've bin looking around YouTube & found meany software's, programs & apps for making & printing 3D objects.
I even found you can make a 3D object from a single or multiple images.
What I'd like to know is, dose anyone here know how to take these screen capture images, use these 3D software's to make a 3D image file I can send out for a printed mask or mold?
BTW: I don't wan to make an entire head, just the face part. The rest of the head can be covered with a plastic like bald cap.


Rassilons Rod

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It's not as easy as just knowing the steps, unfortunately.
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