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New, New TardisBuilders!

JW Tardis

Started by Cardinal Hordriss, Nov 11, 2017, 07:33 pm

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We also have the traditional square plate supporting the lamp.


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Low resolution, but a good face on shot  may help with determining the aspect ratio of the panels/windows.


From Instagram...


It appears the TARDIS has the old blackout interior
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DV7AGZ3XkAAFhky.jpg heres a slightly better one  :)



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So keeping this on the 'discuss the prop' topic:
I'm seeing a (dark) blue rather than black interior and removable light boxes for the windows.

Edit: Blimey! in the time it took me to whip up that comparison image there's a load of new huge pictures!
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DV7QoVtWsAA73hx.jpg high res image of it


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I really, REALLY want to make comments about my thoughts on the design.

BUT... I will NOT derail a thread here, for a change, and make a couple observations.  I've only skimmed things so apologies if any of this has been covered before:  

Interesting weathering.  After the super clean Smith box, this one has the classic beat-up look.  The proud bits have a blatant woodgrain but the recessed panels appear to me to be subtly Artex'ed.  And there's some nice subtle weathering going on.  Instead of just going dark grey with a hint of blue like the 2005 box, this one appears to be clearly blue with some "grime" added to it.

I have thoughts about the notches and other things, but that's neither here nor there.  It will be interesting to see if they are there because of the way the prop is designed or are a strictly cosmetic choice.
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Haven't seen this one here yet, might help determine the height


fluted glass? is that glass with lines in itDV7Bt9FWkAEmIvw.jpg


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That line drawing T@RDISman550 posted above brings a question to my mind: are the corners on the Phone Panel Door frame mitred as on the Classic Series TARDISes? Or are they still straight, butt joints like all New Series TARDISes have had?

I can't tell from any of the photos posted. At least my stanky old wizzard eyes can't see that line on the corners where the frame comes together. Maybe someone else's eyes are better and can make that distinction.

Quote from: jontennant on Feb 13, 2018, 12:50 pm
Do we think that this new design and its more squat nature is to compensate for some of the slight image distortion of the newer wide-screen format? It may look different after we see it on the TV. Back in the sixties they had to fit everything into 4:3 aspect ratio. ... Now we have a wide angle to film on, we have more space to fit everything into the picture. But having actually seen the results of the lenses the camera uses, I have reason to believe the box will be slightly altered.

The high-def cameras used these days are designed for filming in the new 16:9 ratio because that's what the HDTVs display. There would be no need to distort a prop - or build a distorted prop - to account for the new ratio. The only time you would see such distortion is if you were watching a pre-high-def show in 4:3 ratio on a 16:9 HDTV in "stretch" setting so the images filled the entire screen. If you have your HDTV set to display the show's "aspect ratio", you'll see the 4:3 normally on your TV with black rectangles on each side of it.

So I think this TARDIS prop is built as designed, and not built with a purposeful distortion. The 16:9 HDTV ratio has been around since 1998. I don't know about the rest of the planet, but in the US, all broadcasters ceased the 4:3 ratio transmissions and went strictly 16:9 in 2009. Granted, that was due to a government mandate to go "all HD", but still we're talking HD 16:9 ratio being around for 20 year already (my, how time flies!), and at least in the US the 16:9 being the only ratio being used for filming for about 9 years now. So, I do think with the 16:9 ratio being mostly the norm, there is no distortion built into this TARDIS prop.

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Quote from: T@RDISman550 on Feb 13, 2018, 05:27 pm
fluted glass? is that glass with lines in it?