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Started by Cardinal Hordriss, Nov 11, 2017, 07:33 pm

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Quote from: Vale on Jan 25, 2018, 06:40 pm
Quote from: lespaceplie on Jan 25, 2018, 03:05 pm
I doubt it would be less of the prop than 2 walls. The impression that photo gives to me is s 3-sided prop with the photoprint on the back, which is having some light controlled by a reflector/diffuser panel.

PHOTOPRINT! So near and yet so far... can't wait to see that.

You're assuming there will be one. It may just be dark in there like it always used to be...


I don't think this box is as flat as many are suggesting. The panel depth is a little slim (25mm?), but the doors themselves are set back something like 55mm from the front face of the corner posts. That's deeper than the Brachacki box. The glass is set quite deep in the lintel boxes, too. Perhaps the (relative) broadness of the doors and the skinniness of the posts is contributing to the sense of flatness.

If going by details but not proportions, this box technically has more pieces that are true to a real box than any other prop besides the Cushing movies one. But then there are those notches and the lamp. Vey! It's just lazy to use one of those fussy garden patio lamps instead of recreating a clean and simple fresnel.

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Quote from: lespaceplie on Jan 25, 2018, 11:28 pm
It's just lazy to use one of those fussy garden patio lamps instead of recreating a clean and simple fresnel.

The same could be said for the 2005 lamp  :P
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so far every image we have of jodie's box on set all.jpg


thanks and i used this picture by coincidence before this image was revealed so im happy i got it spot on from guessing and the once you've linked to me i believe thats the one or close to the one seen on the 2010 TARDIS before they changed the lamp in series 6

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Just to make a somewhat obvious observation they seem to have gone out of their way, again, to really show off the wood grain but if I recall correctly what I've read in the past metboxes weren't made of wood, only the doors were... or is it my brainworms messing with my memory again...?

The wood grain actually looks really nice in that first promo pic but obviously the lighting isn't exactly normal there.
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Quote from: Cardinal Hordriss on Jan 28, 2018, 12:38 pmI've read in the past metboxes weren't made of wood, only the doors were...

The molds were most likely wood and transferred the inverse pattern to the casting. This gets obscured by layers of paint.


Well, the wood grain discussion par-se is on topic. I think the whole wood business is directly thanks to Terrance Dicks. Outside of London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, nearly all Police Boxes were wooden. As a kid, the only 'real' police box I ever saw was the one in Nottingham, which was wood. Obviously the original prop was made of wood, so I think it just became assumed that police boxes were wooden. I thought so myself until one day in 1982 I drove past the Crich Tramway museum with my Dad and nearly threw up with excitement a the newly installed Police Box. (I grew up in that area). Even then I remember thinking 'this isn't wood, this is concrete' as I went to touch it and that was always because in every Target Doctor Who book, along with describing the sound of the TARDIS as a 'wheezing, groaning sound' Terrance Dicks always described the TARDIS exterior as 'A battered old wooden London Police telephone box'. I would guess, like most people, even when living in London, unless you stopped to actually examine one, you never even thought about what they were actually made of. Seeing as he was script editor of the show, he probably only ever saw the Brachaki box close up and just assumed real police boxes were wood too, despite the use of Artex on the original prop to try and disguise this. One of the things I love about the TYJ box is that it looks like concrete because it's cast and there's no grain. It looks solid and sturdy, even though it was actually anything but as you can clearly see when anyone slammed the door!


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New image of the TARDIS in Sheffield
Sorry for it saying multi-face blender underneath, I had to use the app to decrease the size in order to upload it on my mobile
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Another one from twitter, cropped by me.



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And another

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A couple more that I cropped:
jw-roof.jpg jw-pitched.jpg

Apparent confirmation that the roof is pitched.


Also confirmation of white (or at least, light grey) window frames. Shame it loses the effect by having white glass as well.


Do we think that this new design and its more squat nature is to compensate for some of the slight image distortion of the newer wide-screen format? It may look different after we see it on the TV. Back in the sixties they had to fit everything into 4:3 aspect ratio. That means props have to be slightly thinner to fit into the picture. Not noticeably but enough. Now we have a wide angle to film on, we have more space to fit everything into the picture. But having actually seen the results of the lenses the camera uses, I have reason to believe the box will be slightly altered. Which may be a problem to some people attempting to create replicas of the box. If I can work out the exact lense and the amount of picture distortion I could work out how much to stretch the image. But I'm not the best at maths so it may take a while! But in any case, props have got wider in the long run of the show. Look at the daleks. For them to have presence on screen, they must fill the screen. So that therefore means they have to have a slightly bigger surface area. I think we should bear this in mind before judging this design too much.
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Hmm, not sure about the blue light, and the lamp seems to look taller/thinner from these angles. If that blue light is right, then we also have confirmation that the windows a lit with a warm glow, more like the 2005 than the 2010 box.
It's solid, imposing, and the roof and top signs look great in these shots. Also liking the colour, now we see it in (admittedly, limited British) daylight.
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