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New, New TardisBuilders!

JW Tardis

Started by Cardinal Hordriss, Nov 11, 2017, 07:33 pm

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Quote from: galacticprobe on Nov 20, 2017, 06:18 am
Retrofitting any existing boxes to match this new design isn't practical when you consider just what they've done with the recessed panels alone; they'd need to tear every box apart and rebuild it.

This may end up being an important question, since the majority of builds here have been NSTs. Probably some people will want to alter their boxes to look like this new version.
I think it wouldn't be that hard for a collapsible/demountable box (as I would expect most of the BBC props to be). The shallower panels could be infilled with 1/4 plywood, although it would be difficult to get rid of the chamfer, as it looks like the new box doesn't have those (it's hard to see yet). Although if you could unscrew your stiles and rails and just flip them over...

An NST to New New Tardis conversion may yet be practical, for the BBC or indeed for us hobby builders. It's a creative challenge for sure. Though probably a majority of NSTs are outdoor builds, because they're so tall, so taking them apart is generally not convenient.
I think there's a good chance we'll see the first such conversion before the new series airs next year.

If it has been designed to similar dimensions it does look like we may be seeing the tallest ever Tardis with the shortest ever Doctor... :)


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Shorter than McCoy or Troughton?  Or, for that matter, McGann?  [Googles away...shorter than Troughton or McGann.  Tied with McCoy.] 
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DWSR.jpg from the set of series 11


look closer the second from the last the public call sign is destretched like the series 10 TARDIS the rest remain normal and there's possibly 5 signs because one of them maybe for the interior setDWSR.jpg who knows guess we'll see when we see more photo's pop up

tony farrell

The Arwell Jones Tardis on location in South Africa (17th January 2018):



Hmmm... It looks as though the glass on the windows is fluted. While that has no (known to me, anyway) basis in a real box, it's a mercy for any builders of full size replicas or miniatures. Too bad the photog didn't get a snap of the photo transparency on the back or we'd have an idea of what the control room looks like.

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My (admittedly very tired) eyes aren't making out any detail on the windows.. I mean I wouldn't be able to say if they were frosted, pebbled or if it's just some odd reflection!
However.. this is conclusive proof of the return of the quarter-round detail on the corner posts, so that's cool!
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Here's an enlarged crop with some adjustments to reveal the fluting.



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It also looks like the window frames have been given the same treatment as the Phone Panel Frame was in the late Hartnell era, starting with 'The Time Meddler': white with a blue wash over them. They're certainly not "white" anymore; nor do they look completely "blue". (They almost look grey, but with all that blue of the box and the sky, it's really hard to tell.)

Quote from: lespaceplie on Jan 25, 2018, 04:18 am
As is the sentiment of many others around here, the notches bother me.

Yeah. Those notches in the corner posts will be chafing at me until those corner posts are replaced with notchless ones!

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The only other shot of the new prop - the photo distortion doesn't help though.



What's going on at the extreme left edge of the picture?


Is that the inner quarter-round/quadrant? Or is it something else? The shadow looks odd. Quadrants are also usually made from timber with a minimum of knots... I'm beginning to think this might not be a full prop.


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Quote from: Scarfwearer on Jan 25, 2018, 01:14 pm
Is that the inner quarter-round/quadrant? Or is it something else? The shadow looks odd. Quadrants are also usually made from timber with a minimum of knots... I'm beginning to think this might not be a full prop.

Looking at that long photo, it just looks like one side wall and then the rest is plain wood! So not the full prop!

Look, the windows etc are all missing from that other side


I doubt it would be less of the prop than 2 walls. The impression that photo gives to me is s 3-sided prop with the photoprint on the back, which is having some light controlled by a reflector/diffuser panel.

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Controversially, I think I'm sold on the notches. They're an interesting detail (much nicer than the routed L shape of the previous NSTs) and the come with the return of the quarter-round and the steps under the signs.

Quote from: lespaceplie on Jan 25, 2018, 04:18 am
Sizewise it appears to be larger than the TY-J but smaller than any recent prop.

That fits with what I'm seeing when (roughly) scaling the panels/doors to other props, and puts it about the size of the Hudolin
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Well, here's the prop with them removed:

[attach id=175611 xwidth=400 xheight=400]notchless.jpg[/attach]