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Doctor who fan mini series that's a bit too ambitious

Started by KIT-KAT, Nov 09, 2017, 09:31 pm

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WOW! Those titles are simply incredible! Combining the classic, visual tones and alien, ambient music with a crisp, clean appearance/effects. Looks very promising, good luck!


My suggestions:

Grain match your created elements to integrate with your captured footage, and (assuming you're at 1920x1080) in After Effects, write yourself a little micro-gate-weave expression as part of a Distort>Transform plugin on an adjustment layer - I'd use: wiggle(13,.3) on the Transform property of that Transform plug-in.  A .5-1 pixel blur on the text elements will help, and I'd perhaps consider a little exposure flicker there as well.  The stars aliasing you're getting you can avoid by rendering the field at 2x resolution, and then scaling down while blurring by .5-1 pixel.  The captured footage is really your biggest liability in the composite, especially with its evident compression artifacting - if it were me I'll pull all the grain out of that and then grain-up the entire comp as one.

Hope that helps - Off to a great start!!  :)