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The Sensorites

Started by warmcanofcoke, Nov 03, 2017, 02:10 pm

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Nov 03, 2017, 02:10 pm Last Edit: Mar 23, 2018, 09:19 pm by Scarfwearer
The Sensorites [G] 1964 Season 1 Story 7

Ep1 Strangers in Space

sensorites 01.jpgsensorites 02.jpgsensorites 03.jpgsensorites 04.jpgsensorites 05.jpgsensorites 06.jpgsensorites 07.jpg

Ep6 Kidnap

sensorites 08.jpgsensorites 09.jpgsensorites 10.jpg
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Nov 04, 2017, 03:33 am #1 Last Edit: Nov 04, 2017, 04:02 am by galacticprobe
It looks like for this story (Ep1 at least), they've moved some of the full roundel walls to that "fourth wall" side to get these camera angles. There's a full wall next to the living quarters' doors (where there was a larger blank Dividing Screen/Partition in 'Edge Of Destruction'), and another full wall on the other side of the Door Wall (where there is empty space on both the studio's "as intended" floor plans, and Tony's corrected "as built" floor plan drawing).

In Ep6 is looks like one of the full roundel walls is back on the "usual" side of the Door Wall to get that familiar camera angle. (This one is a tough call. The armillary sphere is pointing in the opposite direction from Ep1, so it could be argued that they recorded the Ep6 scene, and then just flipped it. The actors' clothing also makes it difficult to call this one. Ian and Barbara are wearing clothing that would look right whether flipped or not; the Doctor's waistcoat buttons are well-hidden from view; and the buttons on Susan's shirt - the only items that would be telling - are hidden behind the central column's cover, or when the Doctor is hugging her. The Doctor's ring could easily be put on the opposite hand (which would look right if the image was flipped), and Barbara's hair could have been styled in the opposite way, which again would look right if the image was flipped. (I tried looking at the numbers on the armillary sphere, which would tell straight away if things were flipped, but the resolution isn't sharp enough.)

No matter how they accomplished it, there seems to be the on-screen presence of a full roundel wall on both sides of the main doors, and another next to the living quarters' doors. (Whether this is intended to represent one long wall, or two short sections joined, is hard to say since there is no "seam" in the wall in any of these grabs.) And from the actors' reaction to the malfunctioning scanner in Ep1 and the direction in which they're facing, with the main doors behind them, it would be a safe bet the scanner is still (intended to be) located directly across from the main doors. Aside from the console this seems to be all we see of the console room in this story.

Also, nice close-up on the inner mechanism of the central column from Ep6.

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Sofia Fox

Also in Episode 1 when the doors are open you see another wall through there.
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Nov 04, 2017, 08:19 am #3 Last Edit: Nov 04, 2017, 08:21 am by warmcanofcoke
Dino, Given that at the time they would of had to go through a lot of extra processing to 'flip' the image, it would have cost time, money, and man-hours. The BBC would not have gone to the lengths you describe when each wall was on a set of casters.

Tiger, The design of the 28th century spacecraft also uses a circular motif - the wall through the doors is not a Tardis wall.
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
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Nov 05, 2017, 03:08 am #4 Last Edit: Nov 05, 2017, 03:21 am by galacticprobe
Nate, not only do you make very valid points (I have to keep reminding myself, sometimes, these episodes were recorded on tape, rather than film), but there is also one detail I missed until I looked at the images again, which alone should have been a clue this image from Ep6 wasn't flipped. Even though that armillary sphere is pointed in the opposite direction than it is in Ep1, it's also in a different location! (Duh. :P)

In Ep1 it's over near the Living Quarters doors, which is to your left when looking at the main doors' wall. In Ep6 it's in the corner on your right when looking at the main doors' wall, where that wall meets with the roundel wall. So when the console room set was struck after recording Ep1, and set up again for recording Ep6, someone wasn't monitoring continuity very well (either that, or they've got some gremlins running about the TARDIS re-arranging furniture when no one's around).

At first I thought they may have recorded the console room scenes on the same day, to save time striking and then setting things up again, and then just flipped the images to make it look like the TARDIS set was larger without them having to move walls around. I know the walls moved "relatively" easily because they were all "wild" (the industry's term for any piece of set with casters so it can be easily shifted about as needed), though their size would have made them a but cumbersome. I also didn't take into account the fact that they did strike the set when it wasn't in use, so it could have been set up again however they needed it, when they needed it.

(They a similar thing with TOS 'Trek' episode "The Enemy Within", which brought us the Evil Kirk, and the first appearance of Kirk's green wrap-around shirt - so you could try to tell one Kirk from the other. At the start of the episode Kirk's "gold" shirt has no Starfleet insignia on it because the planet set they had to work with was so small; they flipped some of that scene's foootage to make the set look larger, which is why Kirk's shirt has no insignia - so you couldn't tell part of the scene's footage was flipped.)

Anyway, you're completely right about the effort it would have taken to flip a recording from tape. Plus that armillary sphere is in a different location. (In Ep1, the Knossos Throne chair is in the corner where the main doors' wall meets the roundel wall, and that's on the left when you face the main doors.) So now we have the console room set layout for "The Sensorites". Once again thank you for going through all this effort of capturing and posting all of these great reference images for us!

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