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Custom Season 14 Console Room

Started by blixathecat, Oct 27, 2017, 05:32 pm

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My son wants a console for his upcoming fan film. He was intrigued with Season 14 stained wood console, especially the writing drawer.

Instead of the traditional switches, he wanted to design his own layout.

So we kicked off this journey, without a table saw or router. Basic jigsaw, drill, ruler, and #2 pencil.

Day one: Design.


We decided to use the general specs from the posted designs on Tardisbuilders.  B78B6DC2-B5E5-46EC-8221-007093D0D307.jpeg

After a visit to the local hardware shop, we had a load of wood delivered.  We used 1" sheets for the base and top hexagons. My son wanted to stain so he pitched in to pay for better quality veneer. We bought a total of 5 sheets plus trim.

Today began to cut out the base and panel hexagons.



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We spent the weekend measuring and cutting the base walls. One of walls will
open up to reveal shelves.  The walls were 3/4" thick (yea, overkill) and we used off the shelf trim.




Nov 05, 2017, 04:17 am #3 Last Edit: Nov 05, 2017, 04:19 am by blixathecat
With the top and bottom of the base cut, the walls coming together, we took a break from the day to watch the 4th season of Doctor Who.


The next morning we began to assemble the base. I should of used pegs to ensure we had the walls lined up, but realized we left them at the hardware store, so we measured twice, drilled pilot holes, and screwed them down from the bottom.



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This morning we secured the top plate to the base, then added the control panel hexgons with the dividers.  We ended up cutting the larger hexagon again since our measurements were not exact; it was pretty obvious when we began adding the panel dividers.

We have yet to attach the supports. That will come next, after we determine the height from the base to the main panel hexagon.  Since we have supplies, we need to ensure our cuts are measured properly. I wish I had a table saw to handle the angled cuts, instead of a rotatary saw.




Before we called it a day, we used scrap wood to measure the panel doors.



Dang nice console! Can't wait to see more!! ;D ;)
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The main console hexagon is veneered wood; it was a few dollars more (on sale) than the regular 1" ply.  We cut the hexagon, added the trim to the top and bottom edges, and affixed with wood glue. 

You can see the 2x4 supports underneath; they were not glued down yet. They will lift the console hexagon enough to add the under trapezoids at an angle... want to measure again before glueing down.  My son is learning a lot about building with minimal tools this week.



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Everything is looking great so far. She's turning into a real beauty. One thing to keep in mind that might help make things a little easier is that the panels on the underside of the main console are plain; they don't have that frame (border) around them like the top, opening covers do. Look closely at the http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?board=54.0 Reference Section and you'll see what I mean. (There are also a few great Build Diaries where some people have built one of these already so you might get some helpful ideas from there. The two that spring immediately to mind are warmcanofcoke's http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=6018.0 build (still in progress), and http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=284.0 build.)

I hope some of this is helpful.

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

My son and I added blocks to help align/hold the underneath panels.  In retrospect, I should of had them at the six points instead.


And we added the dividers to the main hexagon.



My son sanding the console then worked on the measurements for the console top doors.




After my son measured several times, I cut the doors with the angled edges.  Okay... this is where having proper tools is important.  I used the rotary saw first, then jigsaw next, then back to the rotary to cut straight and at an angle.  I ended up cutting double the wood then planned. 

Here they are, stacked, and trying to ensure we had perfect fits.  We numbered them since they had slight variations.


My son is sanding and drilling holes for the hinges.



We managed to fit the doors and start to add the trim.  Since my cuts were not perfect, we had to 'adjust' the doors and trim to fit.




We realized that our dividers diagonal cuts were not perfect either. We didn't take into consideration the thickness of the wood.

We haven't decided if we are going to tear it or make adjustments.

Below are photos of the divider issue. And the tools used.



Some of the doors had to be recut (mentioned already) so my son marked them since each had minor tweaks.  :-)