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The Aztec Screwdriver

Started by jontennant, Oct 23, 2017, 10:44 am

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that's not the complete history, only of the Aztec sonic.  I am including the full history here as researched by terrasolo.  He has gone through all episodes and has countless screenshots as well as confirmed points with Nick Robatto and company.   While this is always  up for debate Brian is in my opinion the best source for data on the Sonic Screwdriver and the keys.  I am including the other exerpts from Brian's research.

The Intermediate - or Temp - Sonic, as it is known to fans, was first
seen in the "The Runaway Bride" as the main sonic of the story,
although a regular Aztec was used as well. Its design is fairly
similar to the sonic Nick Robatto would later make for "Voyage of the
Damned"/Series 4 but by no means exacting to that model. This added to
the confusion about the Series 4-5 sonic having been used earlier than
the name suggests (as was mentioned in the last passage). The
Intermediate Sonic was primarily used in the "The Runaway Bride" and
some say a few times over Series 3 but the only time I feel we get a
proper look at it in Series 3 is during a quick scene in "The Lazarus
Experiment". That said, there could be more Series 3 scenes than that,
however Tennant's hands blocks most of the source material so it can
be hard to differentiate. It appears to have been an Aztec sonic with
a new temporary parts for the main body with different ridges and
aslimmer slider channel, a new wider end aluminum section and
boxy/curved slider plate with two screw on either side of the
activation switch, which itself was a screw head. According to Nick
Robatto - by proxy - this sonic was made by Mark Cordory.

By the end of Series 3 the Aztec sonics were in need of major repairs
and Nick Robatto was asked to machine new parts for the Christmas
special "Voyage of the Damned" (as can be seen in Freema's Studio Tour
on the Series 3 DVD set). I was able to ask Nick about this and he
said - to the best of his memory - that he ended up making two new
sonics by reusing the Aztec emitter heads, collars and black end caps
while the rest of the parts were all newly constructed. This time the
sonic's body had a different shape to the ridges as well as a very
slim slider channel.  A flat/curved slider plate was added with a much
more simple activation button. They retained the clouded neck rod and
yellow wires look as seen on the Series 3 Aztec /WS Aztec upgrades.
These two props remained largely unchanged from their first use all
the way to Tennant's swan song - "The End of Time" - with the only
exception being a small visible screw, added to the handle just below
the slider plate by the time of the Christmas Special "The Next
Doctor". There was one final change to this prop made for the Series 5
story "The Eleventh Hour", however, which consisted of a new coat of
crackle paint with a blue/grey hue to it.

In 2009 Neill Gorton's company Millennium FX - who have worked on the
show providing robot suits and prosthetic makeup effects since 2004 -
released the first officially licensed replica of the Series 4-5 Sonic
Screwdriver with a limited run of 500 worldwide. However, while they
had access to the screen used props for replication, there were a
couple of cosmetic differences between the replica and the real sonic;
most notably the handle coloring was a yellowed crackle finish rather
than the usual grey. While many fans debated the accuracy of the MFX
replica it soon became a moot point in 2013 when it was given the
honor of becoming a screen used prop for David Tennant's return to the
show in the 50th Anniversary Special. For the special Neill Gorton
lent the production team four of these replicas from his own private
collection, all of which were all returned to him when filming wrapped
and none are not on public display. Because of their use in the 50th,
all MFX replicas have become 100% screen accurate making this limited
release the most accurate Tennant sonic ever on the market.
I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"

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Where are you copy/pasting this from, and does it have pictures?
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 It is from an email thread when Brian was creating his history on it.  I was proof reading it for him.   I do have pictures but they are scattered throughout the email so not something I can really go in and extract as it bounced around from sonic to sonic.    If I were you, and you want to get the info right from the horses mouth so to speak, is to contact him directly.    I don't have a document that is in a compiled format.  I had to dig through old emails to find those excerpts.   

I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"