1:18 Scale 1960s 'Brachaki' Console Room Build

Started by jamiebate, Aug 19, 2015, 10:10 pm

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tony farrell

I appear to have unintentionally hijacked Jamie's thread. Those who want the PDF, please message me (obviously not Marc and Dino whose e-mails I already have).

Apologies once again to Jamie.



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I'll share that blame with you, Tony; I should have just PMed you, and my "P. S." probably set a bad precedent.

(Many apologies, Jamie.)

Now... How about those amazing Console Room Main Doors?!

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This looks like it's starting to take off, looking very impressive so far! I like how you've hinged the doors, and gives me an idea about how to go about hinging my own. Do you plan to leave them brass, or paint them white to blend? And the laser-cut acrylic has come up smashingly too!  :)


Hi tony can i have a copy of the pdf for the 5" scale if possible please so if you could msg me back then ill tell you my email


tony farrell


I'm not quite sure what you mean by a PDF of the 5" scale. Do you mean a PDF for the photo blow-up walls? I've messaged you as requested.



What i mean is how would i print them for the 5" range of figures