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Cheap DIY Imitation Fresnel

Started by simon australia, Aug 29, 2017, 11:24 am

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simon australia

Aug 29, 2017, 11:24 am Last Edit: Aug 29, 2017, 11:46 am by simon australia
Due to gusty winter wind, which smashed my glass tardis lamp (whilst my tardis whilst it still being built).

I needed a super cheap, quick and easy alternative lamp - to fit the existing frame. The following is my idea/tutorial.


eerr...Sorry, I can't see your tutorial?

Would love to see it though, as I am currently trying to attempt something similar....


simon australia

The process:

I bought some chocolate milk - which came in a plastic bottle with a bulge in the neck.

Cut out the bulge part of the bottle with a blade.

Found some clear vinyl tubing (I had some left over from an old fish tank water filter, about 1.5m) - but you can pick some up at a local hardware shop for a few dollars.

Measured the circumference of the bottle and cut the tubing to six equal lengths (to the same length of the bottle circumference)

Found 2 old biro pens - the clear cylinder type and cut 6 to short 1.5cm lengths
DSC_0137.jpg DSC_0138.jpg

Insert the pen bits to the ends of the tubing to make it a joiner. Make rings out of the tubing
DSC_0140.jpg DSC_0142.jpg

Build up the rings, add the bottle into the centre and glue each layer together with silicone adhesive.
DSC_0143.jpg DSC_0144.jpg

There you have it, a cheap imitation fresnel lamp job done in about half an hour - I think it looks pretty good, plus it won't smash.


That's pretty convincing, I like it.

Once its in its housing/cage it should be pretty solid shouldn't it?


Agreed- That's brilliant!


simon australia

It is much lighter than glass, but surprisingly pretty solid Mark.

The tubing also allows for a little bit of "squish" wiggle room so you can wedge it tightly between the top and bottom of the housing/cage/frame.


Angelus Lupus

That is very ingenious! Well done!
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I'd considered a similar solution.  I'd figured I could find big plastic bangles as jewelry or something.  Turned out to be impossibler than I thought.  The tubes are a clever option.  If you could make them hold water (or alcohol if you live in a freezing climate) they would actually function like a lens and amplify the light.  (That was another reason I was trying to find plastic rings.) 
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