Building a Doctor who TARDIS console room

Started by manuel, Aug 25, 2017, 08:27 am

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Hi Manuel,
                Pleased that you received the PM with the lighting sites, I hope that they are of use to you, the contacts I listed for you are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about their given subject, so even if they cannot supply you in Germany, they will at least be able to give you the information that you need in order to purchase the product elsewhere. But as a couple of them are international companies, I am sure that shipping will not be an issue. Just be sure to mention Tardis Builders to get them into Whovian mode!

I will await your data for the Tardis Interior staircase, once received I will endeavour to get the drawings completed for you, but as this project is taking a hiatus, I'm sure that you will not be in a rush to receive them ASAP.

Now as to the personal question, the short answer is, I am a freelance Construction Project Manager.

The longer answer which incorporates your nest question is that I started model making aged 5, like you whilst at school/college I was heavily into making anything with a Scifi or Fantasy twist, then moved into scratch building models. It was that fantastic era of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Doctor Who, Space 1999, UFO and the Original Star Wars, so anything was possible!
By the time I left the education system I had a clear specific goal in my mind, to work with Mat Irvine in the BBC Special Effects Department. He was responsible for such projects as Blake's 7, Tripods and of course, Doctor Who.
Unfortunately, at that time, the BBC was pretty much a closed shop, so that dream had to be shelved. I did try and get into the industry at ground level, but it didn't really live up to the original dream.
So at that point, it was a case of reality hitting home and trying to apply my hobby to the real world. As I liked designing, constructing and making things from start to finish and my father was a builder, the construction industry seemed to be a next logical step, after all it is making things, just on a much bigger scale.
And so began the 30 year journey in construction, from labourer to tradesman to master builder to management.
All the while trying to keep my hand in the model world to a lesser degree, until a small little package arrived one day called Daniel, my son.
When he got to a certain age, he started to ask if I could make various things of interest for him and I predominantly got back into model making for that reason.
Especially when he started to ask about making things from his new favourite TV show, Doctor Who with Matt Smith.
The model making journey started again in earnest and I have made him numerous toys, gadgets and props, which I am now in the process of posting the Doctor Who related ones on here.
So a lot of what I learned initially was self taught, then within the model making community with some fantastic mentors, then into construction in the real world and now back to the miniature world at the request of my son.
I hope that answers your question!

Catch you later,


Hello Rob,
Thank you for your quick response. I have now sent you the mail. Take the time you need and work properly.
Wow ........ I'm speechless .... You have already experienced a lot. Thank you for your detailed description.

While reading, I noticed some serious similarities.
I have not had a clue what to do after school. And especially in what profession I can use my experience from the hobby. Thank you for describing your career, you have helped me in some way for my professional life. I never thought to learn something like this on this platform.

It is nice to hear that you are now building for your son. He should be lucky that he has such a father. I'm looking forward to seeing what you build next.

Greetings to you and your family


Nov 30, 2017, 04:37 pm #32 Last Edit: Dec 01, 2017, 05:29 am by manuel
Hi everyone,
Just a short update about what's going to come :
1 ground level walls
2 staircase (console level to first level)
3 staircase (console level to ground level)
4 first level pillars
5 first level walls
6 roof
6.5 I almost forgot the most important step: paint

I might have said that I would work at least on it at the end of this year. But I decided to build this model right now.

Stay tuned. Greetings to you Tardisbuilders



Dec 10, 2017, 05:40 pm #33 Last Edit: Dec 10, 2017, 05:53 pm by manuel
1. Ground floor (walls)

Hello Tardisbuilders,

It's time to show you some progress.

December 2/3/10 2017
I worked on the walls to get a flat surface. I used different methods to fix the box. Hot glue would be a huge waste on such a huge area. Wallpaper adhesive bends the surface. And a normal glue stick does not last well. But I decided to go with the glue stick.

The empty space below the first level looked kinda weird. It did not feel right, so I added some covers. Now it looks much better. And the option to light the TARDIS is one step closer.
I hope you can see what I mean. It is very difficult to take a few photos off the ground.

I had found a design that should go on. But there is a problem. It takes about an hour to cut the final design. And it has to be copied 18 times. On top there is only one attempt to get it right. If I cut a bit over the line, it's ruined.

It is not finished yet. I have to fill in the gaps and hide the glances. It's not easy to work on your head. I can not turn the set over because the weight would tear the tardis. So I can only work slowly on the project.
This is followed by repetitive work. Draw, cut, glue, draw, cut, glue, .......

That was it for now. I will work on it for the next few days.

Have a nice week.




Hi Manuel,
               As usual your updates to this project never fail to impress, I have said it before, but your eye and attention for/to detail is inspirational.
Keep up the brilliant work, I am sure that your Tardis is going to look fantastic when she is finished.


Absolute and pure dedication and fantastic attention to the details
Keep it going