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Tardis light question

Started by robert, Aug 06, 2017, 06:54 pm

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I need to ask a question how do I get the light on top of my Tardis to flash, is there some electronics involved and if so where can I go?



Hi Robert

Welcome to the forum.

I'm not electronics expert but like the internet, its generally a good idea to do a bit of searching! Check out this thread:

or use the search box with the word "flashing" or "flash" and you should find a few examples of us covering this previously.

Good luck!
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Hi Robert, I agree with what David said, and I'm no electronics expert either!

Depending what you want to achieve (TARDIS type, scale, accuracy etc) I know people have programmed electronics to give the authentic fading in and out effect you get with a full size tungsten light bulb and some have even got the flash timed with the dematerialization sound.

Depending on you skill set and budget there is that or if not, I know you can get LEDs and normal bulbs that flash and I'm fairly certain all you have to do is hook them up to power.

My earliest flashing TARDIS light utilised the inner workings of an orange road-work lamp which did the job fine if not a little inaccurately.


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It took me a while to sort my light out, too.
I drove past many roadworks wondering if they would miss one of their flashing lamps!
In the end I found an LED camping light which had a continuous on mode & a flash mode.
It was £10 & was battery powered so no fiddly wiring up to the mains required.
It does flash a bit fast, but is a cheap & easy option.


Good luck