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Simple voice solution for Tardis Telephone

Started by TG, Aug 06, 2017, 12:38 pm

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Aug 06, 2017, 12:38 pm Last Edit: Aug 06, 2017, 01:46 pm by TG
I was changing the batteries for my phone today (after 2 years) and I couldn't remember if I'd posted about it here...
I've got a really simple recorded chip that gives a message when anyone picks up the phone. I was lucky enough to be able to make use of Tom Baker's time (ten years ago) as the voice of text messages sent to landlines in the UK. I sent about 15 text messages to my landline phone and let them go on to an answerphone. Later I cut the messages together in a free audio program called Audacity.
If I was doing this now, I'd grab bits of speech from my favourite doctor episodes and cut them together in the same way.

This is my old bakelite phone - non-canon shape I know. Actually, I always imagine that my medley-of-a-TARDIS must make all the purist TARDIS builders here wince a bit, sorry, (or maybe wince a lot)

I bought a voice recorder from TalkingProducts like this.

Pressed record and played the message on the laptop speaker - it recorded it.
I replaced the speaker in the phone earpiece with the new one using the original wires in the old phone. I know I should have soldered the wires but I used crimp connectors and a lot of sellotape - which may or not be insulating? - a bodge.

The 'on' switch was put in a place where the phone cradle would push it. And amazingly It worked!

I have a very long message on the phone. DW friends listen to the whole message - non-DW people get about as far as the galactic co-ordinates and hand the phone back to me with a puzzled smile as in, 'I think it's for you'


Well, I  must be a non-purist then, because I love your TARDIS! :D



Me too!  And you can always tell the purists "It's the next doctor's Tardis, you're just looking backward."  ;)


TG wrote: "This is my old bakelite phone - non-canon shape I know."

I will say that this may not be canon BUT it is EXACTLY how I envision the phone inside the phone door...   Very nice!!!