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Scale Tardis Pyrotechnics and Fire for Animation

Started by jayjaycee96, Jul 28, 2017, 07:49 pm

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This topic regards an older Tardis interior model build that I constructed a year ago. This model is the prequel to my more advanced and professional build of an Ed Thomas- inspired Tardis interior. This model takes influences from many previous incarnations of interior design observed in Doctor Who.

The model has been used for the filming of many DWFA's that my brother has made. Following the build of the recent Tardis interior, the old one has to go....and it will go out with a bang! The episode features the regeneration of a new Tardis interior following damage that it has sustained via Dalek shooting.  :o

The model was fitted with some "pyrotechnics" that I set up on foil. The intention was to preserve the interior as much as possible without sustaining too much structural or cosmetic damage.

Below I have attached some snapshots from the recording. I apologise in advance if they appear a little low-res. The footage was recorded in slowmotion 120FPS and is of a higher qualityt. This I will upload at a later date.

Enjoy!  :)

20502889_739136742959781_604341693_o.jpg20536050_739136749626447_2076455085_o (1).jpg20472650_739136739626448_1761114465_o.jpg20502745_739136762959779_1743104565_o.jpg20464739_739136752959780_719801080_o.jpg20495569_739136759626446_592472728_o.jpg20495462_739136756293113_791141796_o.jpg20495711_739136772959778_18549258_o.jpg

Angelus Lupus

Amazing, another model that looks like it could be a full-scale set! I half expect to see David Tennant clutching the console as he explosively regenerates into Matt Smith!
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