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2020 Doctor Ru(th)'s TARDIS interior

Started by Kingpin, Jan 27, 2020, 09:36 pm

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Don't forget the spoiler tags.


Hmm. That alley bit looks a lot narrower than the previous one. Is it just me or is it just the camera angle?


They probably just moved the nearer roundel walls closer to each other.

tony farrell

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Quote from: simon83 on Mar 04, 2020, 05:21 pm
Hmm. That alley bit looks a lot narrower than the previous one. Is it just me or is it just the camera angle?

Logically Simon, if you're going to re-use the principal elements of a set, and have them arranged in the same layout - i.e., an essentially hexagonal room which fits around a metal-framed hexagonal floor - then you aren't going to be able to alter the principal dimensions by too much before the elements no longer fit together.

If you look at the entrance section of this Tardis as it appeared in Judoon, two-and-a-bit columns of roundels are seen to the left of the doorway:


The same two-and-a-bit columns of roundels can be seen in the later iteration of the set:


Effectively, this is the same set but 'tweaked'.

Whether this set remained standing between the two episodes and whether, therefore, the tweaks/alterations were carried out "in situ" or whether the set was dismantled and later re-built, I don't know but, it is fundamentally the same set and therefore has the same principal dimensions.

Quote from: Kingpin on Mar 04, 2020, 05:28 pm
They probably just moved the nearer roundel walls closer to each other.

Well. given the fundamental dimensions of the hexagonal set, surely this depends on how much of the partial roundel is visible to the left of the doorway; is it the same as seen in the Judoon story, is it less or is there more of the partial roundel visible?

If the same amount of the partial roundel is visible, then the doorway's width hasn't been changed. If less of the partial roundel is visible, then the doorway might have been widened; if more, then the doorway might have been narrowed....

Quote from: Angelus Lupus on Jan 30, 2020, 03:57 pm
Quote from: davidnagel on Jan 30, 2020, 03:14 pm
...what happened to the interior walls from Hell Bent?

Also from CyberMatt aka Matt Sanders (I hope it's ok to keep quoting him):
QuoteI was the Art Dept Draftsman on Twice Upon a Time in 2017, so can tell you that by that stage the Hell Bent roundel walls no longer existed.... the Hell Bent doors were too small...

When we were doing TUAT, Brian Minchin said, "You will get the doors the right size this time, won't you?" Luckily we were able to track down the original construction drawings from 1963, so this time the size was exactly right.

Well, actually, I gave Matt the original Tardis set plans and also pointed out to him the differences between what was planned and what was actually built in 1963. Had Matt followed the 'original' plans, the recreated Tardis interior walls seen in TUAT would also have been incorrect! :)

In addition to the re-created hexagonal ceiling 'canopy', the other main element re-utilised from the TUAT version of the Hartnell interior is - of course - the scanner/down-lighter assembly. In the Judoon/series finale episodes, four of the five original sections have been re-utilised with the central 'scanner' and supporting metal-framework now being omitted; the two double-width Perspex panels have now simply been butted up to each other resulting in a double upright being seen at the centre of the down-lighter unit:  


I hope this helps.  :)



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i ain't seen anyone mention how the room can't be an actual hexagon, judging by the pillar positions.
just thought i'd put this out there.



Found construction photos. Looks like the Power Hexagon used in Fugitive of the Judoon is from the Twice Upon a Time console room

lord president

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Well, I did some research as well on the subject, and here is what I came up with... I would love to see a real set of floorplans someday.
These drawings are mine, from my art work fan book I am doing called The TARDIS Master Schematics and General Plans Index, Type 40 Mark I