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David Bradley Box II (Christmas Special 2017)

Started by d0ct0r200004, Jul 24, 2017, 12:50 pm

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Well, it's a replica of the Barachaki box after it was "renovated."  I know there are pristine Barachaki blueprints on here.  There are people with a lot better eye for detail than I, but basically if you started with that, stuck the "clover" door stops on the top of the doors, chopped out about 5" of the roof stack and replaced the Fresnel lens with a simple frosted cylinder, you'd be pretty close. 
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Tony Farrell who advised the production on the building of the Hartnell sets and box posted the plans of he gave to the production of the 1966 box, they box they built is basically an idealised version of the one in the plans.

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