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David Bradley Box II (Christmas Special 2017)

Started by d0ct0r200004, Jul 24, 2017, 12:50 pm

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Well I haven't seen the Christmas Special (or much of any of the nuWho), but given that Clara's TARDIS had the classic look as a TARDIS default mode, couldn't the TARDIS "reboot in safe mode"? 
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tony farrell

Quote from: Osric on Dec 27, 2017, 02:24 pm
I'd hate to see that glorious new set and prop get scrapped so soon!

Whilst I don't know about the Tardis interior set, the box hasn't been scrapped - it was returned to its owner after the completion of filming and has since been loaned out and displayed at the London Science Museum for the premiere of Twice Upon a Time on December 13th.


matt sanders

I've written an article for Doctor Who Magazine, about the creation of this TARDIS prop, from my perspective within the Art Dept, and that'll be in the next issue, due out on 11th January.  I wrote far too much, and they've had to edit it down a bit, so maybe I'll post the full article here after it's been published.

A few notes about what has been discussed here, though:

The Lamp's housing was actually made by Simon Nash (I think he said he used a jar from Ikea!), but the light fitting within was done by the studio crew in Cardiff.

Simon delivered the box the day before filming, and the windows (cast by Alan from my moulds) were weathered and attached in by the props team (led by Props Master Paul Smith.)

Paul's team also attached the casters underneath, and provided the Yale Lock.  Paul wanted to do the lock, because the mechanism needed to be drilled out, so that it could accept any key, and never accidentally get locked closed.

But really, the lion's share of the work was done by Simon, and the rest of us were just along for the ride.

In fact, having built about twenty TARDISes for This Planet Earth, maybe Simon holds some kind of world record, in this regard...?

The unsung hero in all this, is TPE's Managing Director, Ian Clarke, because when I phoned them to enquire about building a box, there were only two or three weeks left before the filming.  Plus, we had absolutely no budget, because originally the production team had intended to just use the modern box for the First Doctor, so, although I managed to persuade Steven to go for the authentic '66 version, there was no money in the budget to make it...

Luckily, Ian had the foresight to see that a screen-used replica would be a good asset for TPE, so he rearranged their schedules, and Simon put in lots of hours, to get the thing ready in time.

Otherwise, we'd have used the Adventure in Space and Time box.  And while we could have painted the window frames blue, and given it a better door sign, I very much doubt we'd have been allowed to make the roof authentic to 1966...


Thank you for sharing all the background info on the 66 box,   I really can't say much beyond that,  the work that yourself and all of the crew did for that episode and for the set..simply incredible thank you for making it as amazing and accurate as you did. 

I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


Quote from: karsthotep on Dec 27, 2017, 02:56 pm
No hope man..no hope, complete redesign on interior and exterior.  Clean slate as it were.

I'd been half-hoping they'd turn the Current studios into the new Experience, with the current Tardis interior preserved in-situ, and the other interiors all connected via Tardis corridors, and other exhibits presented inside various Tardis rooms.

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Quote from: timewomble on Dec 27, 2017, 05:38 pm
I'd been half-hoping they'd turn the Current studios into the new Experience, with the current Tardis interior preserved in-situ, and the other interiors all connected via Tardis corridors, and other exhibits presented inside various Tardis rooms.

Never a chance of that - AIUI, the Capaldi interior isn't even a permanently standing set (as the Upper Boat sets were), since the studio gets used for other shoots between DW series.

tony farrell

Dec 27, 2017, 11:51 pm #37 Last Edit: Jan 01, 2018, 12:46 pm by Tony Farrell
The Capaldi Tardis interior was a permanently standing set (though it's now been dismantled).

Dr Who's Xmas Special had three studios available to it: In addition to the Capaldi Tardis interior  the first studio contained the Testimony ship's gigantic colosseum-like interior, whilst the Bradley Tardis interior occupied the entirety of the second studio.  The third studio held the ruined city and Testimony ship's golden 'throne room'.

I'm not sure which studio was allocated to the sadly under-utilised Tracking Room and Cybership sets as these hadn't been built when I visited but, since the 'colosseum' was being dismantled and parts of it were being re-used as the ruined city, I would imagine that the Polar Base and Cybership were mounted in this studio i.e., in the studio space vacated by the Testimony ship's interior.

I'm sure Mr Sanders will provide additional information if we ask him nicely!  :)



The unused scenes from Tenth Planet Remount are starting to appear.
One fan has already made an extended intro to Twice Upon A Time...


Looks marvellous!


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Quote from: Volpone on Dec 27, 2017, 03:16 pm
...couldn't the TARDIS "reboot in safe mode"?

I'd call that "Default Mode". ("Safe Mode": too much like "Siege Mode", which would make it very difficult to get inside. ;))

Quote from: Tony Farrell on Dec 27, 2017, 03:29 pm
...I don't know about the Tardis interior set...

Considering the money invested in that set, and with the new hexagon roundels added to it, this would be a good way of getting a Classic "Default Mode" console room Desktop - with a twist - into the New Series. That would save the BBC lots of money which they could use on productions, and they can always make minor alterations to the console room as the series and show progress, much like they did in those old, gold days of yore.

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Kudos to all involved on prop and set builds - they were jaw dropping beautiful on screen!  :o

Just got back from seeing it again in a proper theater, and they're just plain gorgeous in ultra-high def. Along with Mr. Bradley's incredible portrayal of the first Doctor, it all really elevated the story from just very good to truly great.

Built by fans, for fans (past, present, and future) - what could be a better Christmas present to us all.  :)

Many, many, many thanks!


No mention of those name checks above but here's a little video:



"Should have kept it like that to be honest!"




That shows that the first Doctor introduced his TARDIS to Bill and it got edited out.


Dec 29, 2017, 06:21 pm #44 Last Edit: Dec 29, 2017, 06:24 pm by galacticprobe
Interesting, that. By the time of "The Tenth Planet" the 1st Doctor had started using the term "TARDIS" more often, and not only referring to her as "the ship" as he had done in the early days. (In one of the earlier stories where a group of people, or a group of somethings, were carrying off the TARDIS, the 1st Doctor found the Old Girl missing and looked despondent and gazing into nowhere lamented "My ship... my TARDIS". I wish I could remember the story title for that one.) So having him introduce Bill to "the TARDIS" at the time of "The Tenth Planet" (technically just after that story, but between it and "Power Of The Daleks") wouldn't be out of place for his character, or his use of the term.

Quote from: andrewkent on Dec 29, 2017, 02:25 pm
"Should have kept it like that to be honest!"


Ha-ha! And did you see the look on Moffat's face when she said that? Priceless! :D

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