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PDFs of the signs

Started by Scarfwearer, Apr 21, 2005, 05:15 am

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Quote from: DoctorWho8 on Jul 21, 2009, 01:10 am
I have PDFs/EPSs of the New Series TARDIS signage and door signs.
Bill Rudloff

Bill, do you still have those files?  Thanks!


which ones specifically
are you looking for


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Drunkentso, take a look here: Bill Rudloff's Top Sign. It's an archived PDF of Bill's sign; his main link is dead, but the archive still has it. (He used the same sign for both the Series 1-4, and the Series 5 on TARDIS Top Signs.) If you put your cursor near the bottom of the image, you'll get a little pop-up "thingy" with some symbols in it like a + and -. One of those will be a Download button; just click on it to download the PDF. They're all just about the correct size for printing... though you'll need a large poster-size printer for that. You should be able to put the files on a jump drive and have an Office Max/Depot-type store print them out for you.

For Bill's Phone Panel signs, you can download them the same way here Bill Rudloff's Phone Panel Sign, and here Bill Rudloff's 2010 Phone Panel Sign. Again his main links are dead, but these Phone Panel signs are still in the Wayback Machine Internet Archives.

I hope this helps.

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Hey, just thought I'd ask does anyone by any chance have any PDF's of the Cushing "POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX" & "PULL TO OPEN" signs from Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD????


It looks like a lot of the PDFs we used to have here got lost when the board crashed.  I apologize for that.  And a lot of the people that did all the research have moved on to other things.  I think I've got the phone panel that is accurate for the Cushing prop on my hard drive.  Of course I'm up to my eyeballs in a couple big projects right now so I don't know when I'll find the time.  Maybe if I stopped complaining about how busy I was and just did stuff, right? 
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Rassilons Rod

Let me know what's still missing after you have raided your archives.

I'll check what I have too.
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I backed up virtually every single file before the site went down. I hosted all the files for a while on a google drive folder, but deleted it when the site came back, assuming that everything came back but... the purge! Over time I realised stuff was missing but I didn't realise just how much was missing until now. I gave Bill Rudloff a copy of all my files and he put them on the TARDIS Owners facebook group, so there should be a copy of all the PDFs in there still, although everything was sadly a bit disorganised.

If people are interested, I can always set up the Google Drive folder again. Less faff than facebook and everything can be somewhat organised?
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I'm so busy right now.  I tried being retired but decided I was cutting things too close so I got a new part time job.  As soon as I did that I found a house to fix up and rent out.  Meanwhile I had storm damage to my house and a fender bender with my car and learned that the awesome insurance company I've been with for 23 years has turned to absolute crap.  Add in a very active dog and cat and I never have time to do anything here.  Oh, and I'm supposed to repair the fence at the neighbor's horse pasture.  And just to be slightly more on topic, my TARDIS' base is desperately in need of repair.  Again.  So don't wait around for me to dig up files.  It could be months before I get around to it.  :( 
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I'll get everything sorted then! I'll check that my files are decently organised (they should!) and then upload it and post a link here. I should have something up and running tomorrow.
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Let me know if the site is missing any of my files...


lol.  This site has gotten to be a bit like The Doctor's TARDIS--at one point everything worked the way it was supposed to, but over the years it has gotten more quirky and hard to use. 
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Well then, here we go!


It has everything regarding the TARDIS box in there, although I might add there some of my other back-ups relating to the console room and other things.

I think this has just about every single file that can be of use and that was publicly available here. But I may be wrong so if there is a file that you recognise as missing or you have a better copy than the ones I have, please get in touch with me so I can include it.

A mod should probably update the first post of this thread and put this somewhere a bit more prominently so it's more easily reachable for people.
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