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Tardis Builders in DWM and Twice upon a Time

Started by saintcar, Jan 11, 2018, 02:53 pm

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Rassilons Rod

They did use Tony Farrell's plans for the 1963 set, but modified it with the Curator's hexels from Day of the Doctor - replacing the photo blow up roundels of the original.

Obviously the console is the one from An Adventure in Space and Time.
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Tardisman is asking about the police box, though. :)


indeed i am talking about the police box


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Tony will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the new prop was based on the plans Tony posted above. However I don't think it matches these either... at least not exactly.

matt sanders

Actually, as the Art Dept draftsman for that episode, I originally started drawing up the 1966 police box using the dimensions in Tony's plans, with some minor tweaks to make an "idealised" version (ie, without the broken parts, and mis-matching walls, etc.)

However, the budget wouldn't allow us to build the box in-house, so we commissioned This Planet Earth to make it instead, and their builder Simon Nash constructed it from the plans he already had.  I did send them Tony's diagrams, and we were able to tweak things like the Roof width, because Tony flagged that TPE's plans were for the slightly wider roof that came in during Terror of the Autons.  So Tony's attention to detail allowed us to achieve a more authentic 1966 silhouette.

We also added an inch or so to the height of the base, to accommodate larger casters (and attempt to disguise that David Bradley is 3" taller than Hartnell...)  Though of course, this box mainly appeared in a muddy field, a snowy landscape, and a ruined planet surrounded by debris, so the height of the base probably wasn't very evident...


so would anybody be able to send me accurate  plan of the twice upon a time box? its the next box i plan to make in sketch up


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That's a tricky question since the "Twice Upon A Time" 1966 TARDIS was technically supposed to have been a replica of the actual 1966 TARDIS. (And This Planet Earth is not likely to give up copies of those plans.)

As Matt points out, the differences were a result of budget, time, and resources (and David Bradley's height), and also rather minor in the grand scheme of things. So I (personally) would follow the plans that Tony posted on Page 1 of this thread for the 1966 TARDIS.

For a "Twice Upon A Time" version of it, I would make the changes Matt mentioned: base a little taller; make the Top Signs with white lettering-on-black background all round; all four sides could be made the same width as well so they're all the same as the front and rear width.

I hope some of this is helpful.

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