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Genuine Police Box sign?

Started by whitestar2010, Nov 10, 2006, 08:22 pm

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Quote from: galacticprobe on Sep 17, 2017, 06:03 am
Starcross, could you please post a link to your signs in the Sign Reference Section?
I've looked all through things and can't find it.

I took a look, and while Deck5's PDF recreation is in the Top Index post as a downloadable link.
An Original Police Box Sign doesn't belong in the Tardis Reference Section in the end anyway. It really should probably be its own post in the Relics section of the Police Box Boards here.
At the time the Historian Section wasn't as developed as it is now, so a couple of things like this are actually buried in Longer threads. There is a long discussion on original police box hardware that should have a Top index post to make it actually usable as a reference.
However who has the time eh?

That being said. the original post remains with the Thread about the actual Police Box the sign came off of.
Found - Two Mark 3 Police Boxes.
This was of course before we reclassified the boxes as Mark 5s based on construction batches. I'm fuzzy on the classifications of the Boxes, its HB's thing more than mine.