Scarfwearer's Brachacki Altered Build As-builts

Started by Scarfwearer, Jun 21, 2017, 09:29 am

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Jun 21, 2017, 09:29 am Last Edit: Jun 22, 2017, 12:35 pm by Scarfwearer
Here are the working plans I evolved while building my second TARDIS in its Brachacki Altered mode.
They represent a record of what I built (give or take any wobbles with the saw).
Tony Farrell's 2013 plans were my starting point last autumn and I've made many (mostly small) adjustments.
I finished these plans in November. And again a few days later. And then again almost daily for a couple of months! For a while there I was discovering new things about the prop almost daily. In fact I've been adjusting the plans and building the build and sometimes going back and rebuilding parts of the build (often more than once) for most of the last six months. So these plans were a lot more work than the actual build was.
Are they finished now? Only in the sense that I've largely stopped working on the build now that it's painted. So they're really a snapshot.
I have (perhaps unwisely) attempted to cram all the details of my adjustable build into one set of schematics (well, two sets actually), so they're a bit cluttered. But they are working plans, and the build was almost entirely done in lock-step with their changes. In that respect they were drawn to allow me to keep track of where I was going with the build, rather than as an exposition.

As with the Brachacki Original as-builts, these plans will surely reflect my build better than the actual prop. There are still things I'm unsure about with the prop - particularly with regard to the back doors - and I'm sure our knowledge will evolve over time. These plans will only be updated to reflect changing ideas about how the prop was if I also change my build. They're not intended to represent a consensus.

I've labeled them as version 1.0 not because I'm expecting to change them, but in case I do significantly alter the build in the future and update the plans as a result. The plans are complex enough that they're unlikely to even be perfectly internally consistent. So if I find errors in the plans where they don't match themselves or the build, I'll either fix the plans or possibly fix the build, and update the version numbers accordingly.

Finally, a word about rounding: the Open Office Draw tool that I used to make these plans rounds to 2 decimal places, so 3/8" becomes 0.37" or 0.38". The measurements are automatically generated from the scale drawing. So there are a few unavoidable rounding artifacts in the drawings.