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BioDoctor900's Sonic Pot and Desk Items

Started by BioDoctor900, Jun 06, 2017, 09:34 pm

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Hi guys, so you'll be aware that I photoshopped the two images of River and Susan from 'The Pilot', the ones on the desk, and I've framed them myself. I've also put my sonics into a large black mug, I'm still hunting for a better wooden pot at the minute, and I've also added a few more bits to my "display" of the different props on the desk on top of my chest of drawers....




There's quite a bit on his desk, including a sextant, the same as seen on the Tennant console, but I'm not taking it off the console  :-\

I'm happy with it at the minute, and I'm sure I'll get some more bits soon. With regards to the sonic pot, the third doctor sonic I'm well aware looks odd, and there's a good explanation for that. The yellow section got wet and ruined the sticker that was on there, so I took it off and wrapped some yellow and black electrical tape around it, plus I'm aware this is the wrong version for the pot as it's meant to have the brown ring (the later release) so I'll hopefully get another one soon, especially as I think there's a wiring issue as well. The only sonic I now don't have in my collection is the War Doctor sonic




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It looks great, BioDoc! I had to go back and take a second look at your 3rd Doctor's sonic once you mentioned the "tape job". Honestly, if you'd never said anything about it, I don't think anyone would have noticed it. You did a spectacular job wrapping that tape.

As for the War Doctor's sonic, keep your eyes on eBay and Amazon. I've seen some pop up on eBay for reasonable prices. They might be harder to find on Amazon, but they still appear there as well. (When searching, also look for the term "The Other Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver" as that's exactly how it's labeled on the package.)

Sextants like the one on the 2005 console also pop up on eBay, some for reasonable prices. Some really inexpensive ones are in need of some serious TLC, but by Series 4, that sextant had lost its eyepiece, its mirrors, its sunshields... it was in bad shape, so one of those could work on the desk and you wouldn't have to pull yours off of that great console. (Some antiquey-type places also have them, again in various states of "TLC Required", though in some of those places the sellers seem to think the more beat up the thing is, the more they need to charge for it, so eBay might be your best bet for a second sextant.)

Love that collection! (Now you've made me want to look for a good frame for those images of River and Susan that were posted on here not long ago. Not that I have any room left on the horizontal surfaces in my house - grandkids will fill things up really fast - but I'll still be looking for frames!)

Great job all round on that chest of drawers! And I hope my rambling about hunting for sonics and sextants was a little helpful.

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Davros Skaro

I agree with Dino, you have a great collection there, including the guitars & crystal balls. On the crystal balls, what is the blue one in front of River & the 2 long ones in front of the sonic pot?


Yes I like crystals too.


Loving the collection!

And I'll have to agree with Dino on this one, I have to scroll back and double check the photos, because until you mentioned it, I never even noticed the tape. ;D

Good luck on tracking down a sextant (and anything else that's on the desk.)
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Thanks for the comments guys, Davros Skaro I'm not too sure in all honesty, it's a ball I've had lying about for ages. It did sit on the console for a while, but when I replaced the Perspex on that one panel, because the old stuff was so damn flimsy, it was left over, and there's one on his desk that sits on top of a brass candlestick holder