Second Doctor's "Sonic Lance Adapter" for the Sonic Screwdriver

Started by The14thDr, May 31, 2017, 08:27 am

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First of all, apologies for creating a separate topic for this, I just thought it would be less confusing to discuss the different variants in different places to avoid any mix-ups.

Here is the second version of the "penlight sonic" used in The Dominators. It appears to just be a normal penlight with some sort of handle added.
(Thanks to Terrasolo on TheRPF for posting this image - hope you don't mind me reposting it here)

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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I got a couple of screencaps from The Dominators, when the Doctor uses this sonic as a sort of flamethrower/welding torch.

However, in this next screengrab, the Doctor appears to just be holding a normal penlight. ??? There was a discussion about this on TheRPF a few years ago, and someone suggested that the "handle" may have been something that Patrick Troughton slid onto the penlight, which may explain this apparent continuity error. Someone also suggested that the close-up FX shot was filmed separately, and the production team may just have used the normal penlight for this, hence the continuity error.
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Here's a replica that I had made of it. In the scene we can see the the penlight, which may actually just be a metal tube, is actually hollow. In the scene Patrick attaches the black end cap and pocket clip before he uses it as a blow torch, and the handle was already attached at the time.

For my replica I used a penlight with the bulb end removed. Modified the black end cap and added a ball tip pocket clip like we can see in the screen caps and then had a lot of help designing the handle to match the episode, thanks to 13DoctorWho on the RPF and Shapeways.



That's brilliant! Thanks for sharing that Terrasolo! (I forgot you were a member over here as well.) Your research into both the Second Doctor sonic props and the various TARDIS keys is just astounding - I've spent many an hour reading through your research threads on TheRPF.

I think I'm going to work on a close-enough version of this sonic screwdriver to tide me over until I can afford a more accurate replica (or I manage to find the actual penlight used - I wish.... ::))
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Looks like a clip on handle, or stand to hold the light when your working on something at table level.
(It's better to have a stand to hold your light then holing it in your mouth & receive small shocks from the battery's as you drool on it.)

Davros Skaro

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Went through the disc yesterday, got some more grabs of it, from when he pulls it out of his pocket & uses it. He seemed to put it together & as the grabs will show, there are times it doesn't have the handle piece attached to it. Here is all what I got:

Hope these help some what.



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Thanks for the effort and posting of these grabs, Chris!

Quote from: elkad on Jun 01, 2017, 06:25 pm your mouth & receive small shocks from the battery's as you drool on it.)

Blah! Weak stomach! Weak stomach! :P :P :P :P :P

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I agree with Dino, thank you once again for taking the time to get these screengrabs for us (it's much appreciated!)

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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My images won't be that much different from Davros Skaro but I'll post them all the same. As well as this except from my writeup on my own sonic screwdriver collection:

The Second Doctor: Season 6, "The Dominators" (1968)

The second Sonic Screwdriver prop was only used in the story "The Dominators" and is unfortunately still unidentified. We believe it could have been a penlight or even just a piece of pipe since it is never seen lit and appears to be hollow during the scene. For its one use in the story, the Doctor can be seen slotting the dark end cap with a pocket clip onto the tube, which already has a handle clipped on, as a sort of conversion kit to make the Sonic Screwdriver function as an advanced sonic blowtorch. We are uncertain if the handle was custom made or a found item at this time but we do know that it was removable as its design has winged clips on each side to attach it to the prop. There is also a continuity error where the Sonic Screwdriver was seen in close up seemingly without the handle attached, however it could have just been slid back further on the prop towards the end cap with Troughton's hand is obscuring it from view. Either way, this tells us that the handle was positionable.

As fun side note, when the Doctor starts to alter his Sonic Screwdriver Jamie states "How are you going to dig through there with your sonic screwdriver?" suggesting that he recognizes the device. This is interesting because we know that the stories were all serialized and connected from the end of one story to the beginning of the other, which means that from the Sonic's introduction in "Fury from the Deep" to its second use here in "The Dominators"  there were no breaks for adventures in between these two stories. So while the prop may have changed for the actors, it appears that for the characters the Dominators prop is meant to be the same one from "Fury from the Deep", story wise.



Beautiful research! Thank you for taking the time to transcribe the information over here, Terrasolo - it is very much appreciated.

Thank you as well for posting the images here (many of which I think were missing from the RPF thread, as they just showed up as the little [?] boxes) so this is very helpful.

The same goes for your other sonic screwdriver post (I just didn't want to post the same thing twice :P) - I think I'm going to work on replicating that handle and modify the penlight I currently have sat on top of the console (one can never have too many sonics ;D)
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Always happy to talk and share info on Doctor Who props! I really can't recommend the Dominators handle that 13DoctorWho and I designed, The Jason did a fantastic job realizing it in 3D and Shapeways was very reasonably priced. 

Oh and I should also add, there was some debate about whether or not the handle had one or two legs, as you can see from my reference and my replica, I see two legs. This is feel is supported by the way the Doctor holds the sonic as if the front leg is a trigger. If you try to hold the sonic the same way with a single leg handle, it just slips right out of your hand. Where as two legs gives you an actual handle to grip, so no slipping. This is why I settles on two legs, I believe that I see two and it physically makes more sense to me.


If it's of interest to anyone, here's the template I made for the sonic lance adapter handle. It's not perfect (mainly because we don't get a good view of the back half of the handle in the episode) but I tried to replicate the shape as well as I could.
sonic lance adapter.png

Maybe this will inspire someone to give this prop a try. ;)
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