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BioDoctor900's Hand in Jar

Started by BioDoctor900, May 25, 2017, 11:06 pm

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May 25, 2017, 11:06 pm Last Edit: May 26, 2017, 09:23 am by BioDoctor900
I'm surprised I've not actually posted this before in a separate thread, I have a feeling I posted a pic of it in my TARDIS console thread, but ages ago I made a Torchwood Jar with The Doctor's hand in it. I made it using MDF, clear laminated sheets and a plastic Halloween hand. I've had it sat at the bottom of the console with the intention of replacing parts, especially the handle at the top.

So I finally got around to ordering an accurate handle, which cost me £6, and it came next day delivery. I then had to take the old top off of the jar, took the hand out and then painted the inside black, as when I made it, I'd left it as bare wood. I noticed in the reference images that I've got, that there was a disc with holes in at the base, and so to make this, I had a lamp base knocking about, that was the right size, I took out the weighted bit and was left with the plastic case. I then drilled 12 holes in it, too add in blue LEDs. I had to screw in the hand using a little bit of clear plastic and into the block of wood the plastic hand sat on. I believe the original prosthetic sat on a piece of clear acrylic rod. I then cut out a new hexagon for the top, which I had to do twice, because I didn't think about how the handle would work. I has to be placed to one side so that when the handle is lifted, it sits directly in the middle of it.

I made this out of 10mm MDF and I had to cut a hole out for the recess in the handle so that it would sit flush. I then nailed it to the top, and painted the whole thing gloss black, and here's what it looks like....


And here's my Captain Jack Harkness cosplay that I also recently got. I bought an original WW2 greatcoat for £30 plus £5 for the captain slides, cheaper than the Abbyshot replica and it's in amazing condition for its age. It looks almost brand new...




Angelus Lupus

Nice find on the coat!
The hand looks really good in the close-up picture - I'm going to assume that's because the camera flash isn't reflecting off the clear plastic panel?
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Angelus Lupus, it was a tad tricky trying to photograph it because of the light in the room, the LEDs and the reflectiveness of the plastic



May 26, 2017, 04:02 am #3 Last Edit: May 26, 2017, 04:02 am by galacticprobe
I agree. I like everything about this one. Outstanding find on that coat, BioDoc! An original, plus the captain slides for that price? You just can't beat that one with a caber! And I love that revolver. It looks like one of those I inherited when my father passed away some years ago (Colt .38 cal Frontier Model, from the look of the front sight - at least that's one of mine). And it looks just like Jacks.

Brilliant ensemble! (Just can't think of another word to describe it.) And brilliantly assembled.

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Nice! Always wanted to give the hand jar a go myself.

Good job on finding an accurate handle. When I started looking a few years ago, they were well above a tenner for a handle :O
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Dino I must say that I was quite surprised to be able to get it so cheap as they go for about £70 normally. I sat looking at the bidding expecting someone else to bid, but fortunately it was only me that bid for it. I was less fortunate with a gold buler style watch I tried getting for my 11th Doctor cosplay, everytime I placed a bid, I got outbid, and it ended up going for about £20, which included the postage, I just didn't want to pay that much.
DavidNagel this is the link to the handle I bought....


It came the next day in the post



Nice! I really love your hand in a jar replica and that coat is a spot on find!
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