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Metebelis III Crystal

Started by Davros Skaro, May 24, 2017, 04:11 am

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Davros Skaro

May 24, 2017, 04:11 am Last Edit: May 25, 2017, 02:28 am by Davros Skaro
My "Metebelis III Crystal" that lights up: Did this 2 years ago. (I changed my title to stop confusion to the reference post that is/was exactly the same).

Metebelis III crystal 02.JPG
Metebelis III crystal 03.JPG
Metebelis III crystal 04.JPG

How I made it.
Many hours figuring how to do it & 4 attempts to put it together. Started with a paper one to work out the measurements, the cone was the hard part, then used 2mm picture framing card (thick & sturdy obtained cutoffs from local picture framing shop for $1). Because of the thickness used bits of paper for "tags" to join edges together. Did main body & one end from one piece of card leaving one end open. For the light end used thinner card made a "flat end" with tags that would slip in the tube. then with light blue paper (so the light would shine through it) made the cone with tags that fold under so it could be stuck to the "flat end" bit, but so it went to the outer edges of the tube, being paper makes it fiddly as it tends to flex. Getting that part to line up wasn't easy, put a 5mm hole in the "flat end" card for the LED. Bought some 5mm bright blue "straw hat" LED's (which give a all round light instead of a point light), push button switches & some Portable CR2032 CR2025  Button Battery Clips (same as on a computer PC board), off eBay very cheaply, then just wired it up checking the polarity of the LED. I put some small holes in one side of the "tube section for the mounting of the battery holder & switch legs & wires. Mounted the switch half way down the tube & the battery behind it on the outside (if I did it again I would make a card to slip inside for the battery), & hot glued them in place, hot glued the LED in the "flat "end" hole, then painted it all with "Mont Marte acrylic Phthalo blue" paint. The paper part needs care. After a couple of coats & well dry, used some PVA wood glue to coat it all, sealing the paint & giving the paper some strength. When thoroughly dry, yours to play with & have some fun. Sorry no pics of progress as wasn't thinking of that. The CR2032 batteries are rechargeable so when it goes flat just stick it in a re-charger, also available on eBay, to re-charge.

Hope this help anyone wishing to do their own.



Wow! That looks amazing!! I love how it lights up as well (now I only hope mine turned out as good as yours did)
"Would you like a jelly baby?"


Clever build!
I love it!
Between you & 14th, you'll be able to take over the world!!



 :o How did U light it up?  ???

Davros Skaro

May 25, 2017, 12:42 am #4 Last Edit: May 25, 2017, 12:54 am by Davros Skaro
Here are some pics of how it lights up.

Battery & switch.
The tip, LED sticks through to the inside of the "End"
Inside the "Crystal" is just the wires.
Push the button & hold, for it to light up.

Hope this explains it, very simple really. Oh, hint, when showing it to friends etc. hold it so the battery & switch are in your hand hidden from view, just press the switch with your finger & you have light & they wont know how you do it.  :)