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Jade Pagoda

Started by warmcanofcoke, May 08, 2017, 01:00 am

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Jade Pagoda Reference

Iceberg, Sanctuary

Iceberg Cover.jpg
"Depends on how you define alien," the Doctor said simply. "They were human once."

In 2006 the world is about to be overwhelmed by a disaster that might destroy human civilisation: the inversion of the Earth's magnetic field. Deep in an Antarctic base, the FLIPback team is frantically devising a system to reverse the change in polarity.

Above them, the SS Elysium carries its jet-set passengers on the ultimate cruise. On board is Ruby Duvall, a journalist sent to record the FLIPback moment. Instead she finds a man called the Doctor, who is locked out of the strange green box he says is merely a part of his time machine. And she finds old enemies of the Doctor: silver giants at work beneath the ice.

Sanctuary Cover.jpg
The Doctor pointed at Bernice. "The wench's mind is addled", he said. "Arrest her before she spreads her ungodly heresy."

The TARDIS is caught in the gravitational field of a dark star. The Doctor and Bernice are forced to evacuate, and find themselves stranded in medieval France -- a brutal time of crusades and wars of succession.

As the Albigensian crusade draws to its bloody conclusion, men inflict savage brutalities on each other in the name of religion. And the TARDIS crew find their lives intertwined with warring Templars, crusaders and heretics. While the Doctor begins a murder investigation in a besieged fortress, Bernice finds herself drawn to an embittered mercenary who has made the heretics' fight his own. And they both realise that to leave history unchanged they may have to sacrifice far more than their lives.
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


I found this online:
"Would you like a jelly baby?"


I created it in Sketch-Up once.   Never got the roof exactly right...