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2005 Series Model - Lamp question

Started by lorisarvendu, Sep 10, 2008, 07:27 pm

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Sep 10, 2008, 07:27 pm Last Edit: Nov 11, 2010, 08:47 am by Scarfwearer
I'm thinking of making an NST model, probably about 10 inches or so high (I'll be working off an A4 print of Bill Rudloff's plans).  Can anyone advise me what I can use as a lamp?  

Older models are easy, you just use a sliced off piece of perspex tube, but this one's a bit more complex.  Just a dummy lamp will do, I'm not putting a working bulb in or anything (I'm not that ambitious yet!)

It's going to have to be a bit robust too.  I'm hoping to make it as a surprise Christmas present for my mate's 10 yr old daughter (big Who fan).

Any advice appreciated.


PS I only joined in April for help making a model.  Now look at me, already planning my fourth build.  This forum has a lot to answer for!  ;)


Sep 11, 2008, 08:28 am #1 Last Edit: Jan 21, 2010, 10:24 am by scarfwearer
You could draw the detail on the inside of the perspex with a thin black sharpie, and create the rest of the lamp in a similar way to your others... that should look great.
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Sep 11, 2008, 08:58 am #2 Last Edit: Jan 21, 2010, 10:24 am by scarfwearer
If you're talking about how to create the cage type affair, it I were doing this at the scale you're working to, what I'd probably do is cut lengths of sticky label to size, peel them away from their (trimmed) backing and then put the cut pieces out on to another backing.  This would allow you to paint the strips, then peel them off and stick them on to your inner lens piece.

The rest could be built from found items like buttons or screw caps.