Genius Of The Daleks Plug & Play & Prototype Gunstick

Started by elkad, Apr 20, 2017, 08:39 pm

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I'm going to make the Dalek Plug & Play Gun-stick, (the one plunged into a Dalek), & the Prototype Gun-stick from the episode "Genius Of The Daleks".
And these prop, I hope, will have functional shooter prongs that pop out of the end of the gun.
I'm making the gun out of PVC pipe, a plastic Christmas ornament, wire hangers, & some other odds & ends.

Genius Gunstick (1).JPGGenius Gunstick (2).JPGGenius Gunstick (3).JPGGenius Gunstick (4).JPGGenius Gunstick (5).JPG

The pipe in the ball joint is there because I cut a bigger hole than I wanted.

At the moment I'm cutting the aluminum hangers to size & measuring out the wire holes int the end rings shown in the 3d & 5th pic.


I marked out the points on my rings to where I drill the holes for my emitter wires using a homemade center finder, a metal square, & a T square.

Genius Gunstick (6).JPGGenius Gunstick (7).JPGGenius Gunstick (8).JPGGenius Gunstick (9).JPG

I drilled the holes, mounting the ring on a wood dowel.
Genius Gunstick (10).JPG

I used a couple blocks of wood to hold, measure & bend the wires. I needed something stiff to bend the wire, so I used a piece of scrap plastic hanger.
Genius Gunstick (11).JPGGenius Gunstick (12).JPGGenius Gunstick (13).JPGGenius Gunstick (14).JPG

The wood was slipping in the vice, so I used a C clamp to hold it on place while I bent the wire.

Genius Gunstick (15).JPGGenius Gunstick (16).JPGGenius Gunstick (17).JPGGenius Gunstick (18).JPGGenius Gunstick (19).JPG


These wires are for the Prototype Gunstick, which the doctor used to destroy the Audio Tape.
I changed my strategy to folding emitter wires. Instead of locking the wire down in a vice with two bars of wood just use one. I cut a length of wood to 11 & half & locked the 14 inch wire in the middle with a couple c clamps. I measured out on one end then folded it over with a piece of scrap wood. I flip the gig around, measure the other side, mark the wire with my drimel & cut off the excess wire, & I found grinding the wire flat on ether end of the wire is important if you want it to fit snug in the ring drill holes.
Talking of drill holes, the size to wire thickens, to big of a hole & you have to glue the wire in place, to small & you have to use a pare of pliers to force the wires in to a tight fit. This will allow you of course to make sure all the wires are level with the gun body before gluing.
When gluing, don't glue the wires on the rings when there not on the body, they will be uneven & you'll have to tare the wires out & start again. If you glue the wires on the rings wile on the gun body it will be a on time deal, the glue seeps threw the drill holes & glues the ring to the the body as you ether insert or dribble glue around the wire & hole, depending on what size hole you drill big or small. Small, dribble around the all ready inserted wire, big, dribble in hole & insert wire. Wait till the glue drys if you plan to make a bend in the middle of the wires. (Super glue flicking on your skin & clothes isn't pretty. :( )
The plug & play gun stick I used a 1 inch bend in the wire, with the prototype gunstick I used a 3/4th inch bend.

Genius Gunstick (20).JPGGenius Gunstick (21).JPG


This is the Prototype gunstick. I've gotten the barrel, emitter wires, ball joint, control ball & the prongs.

Genius Gunstick (22).JPGGenius Gunstick (23).JPG

The prongs are made from an old plastic binder coil.
Genius Gunstick (35).JPGGenius Gunstick (24).JPG

Genius Gunstick (25).JPG

They pop out just right.

Genius Gunstick (26).JPGGenius Gunstick (27).JPGGenius Gunstick (28).JPG

The shooter antenna is made of leftover hanger wire which I hammered into the dowel rod, cut to length of the prongs & top it with a plastic necklace bead.

Genius Gunstick (29).JPGGenius Gunstick (30).JPGGenius Gunstick (32).JPGGenius Gunstick (33).JPG

Coloring the shooter. Question, do you think I should put a highlighter orange on the inside of the shooter prongs, or leave it black?
Genius Gunstick (34).JPG


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Everything about this is ingenious, elkad! As for painting the prongs, I would leave them as you have them now. I don't think I've ever seen color on the inside of them in any of the stories, Classic or New Series. (That's not to say I've missed seeing it, I just don't remember ever seeing a color inside them.)

Brilliant build, and great recycling of those plastic binder coils. (I tossed so many of those out when we recycled the paper from the tech manuals they held together you could have built a whole army of Hartnell mark I Daleks, where they had like 6 or 8 prongs! Now I've got to look through my old military stuff to see if I saved any of them for those "just in case" moments.)

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


Nice work.
I love that you call it "Genius of the Daleks!"
Your work certainly is genius!
I love those old Dalek guns, they really bring back some happy memories.
Of course curled plastic prongs sticking out of the end of a barrel would seem a tad "low  tech" these days, but I love the ingenious ways the prop guys worked around problems back in the day.
As for colour, black, red or orangy red seem to be the ones used in the series, so go with whichever you like best!
(I like red best as It's more eye catching.)



I have the angels down on the firing control toggle but I'm having trouble on how I install it into the ball when Iv just glued everything down. ??? :-\
Genius Gunstick (36).JPG

I'm using a 1" wood ball nob for the toggle switch & cut down paint string stick.
Genius Gunstick (37).JPGGenius Gunstick (38).JPGGenius Gunstick (39).JPG

Animated GIF of Dalek Gun
Genius Gunstick (42).JPG


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Quote from: russellsuthern on Apr 26, 2017, 05:52 pm
As for colour, black, red or orangy red seem to be the ones used in the series, so go with whichever you like best!

I have to agree there. It looks like I did miss seeing the color on those prongs in the later ("Genesis" to "Revelation") Dalek guns! So just go with whichever appeals to you most. (You can always make additional or interchangeable prongs or gun innards at some point if you want to give your Dalek gun some variety, and there's never a rush on that.)

Quote from: russellsuthern on Apr 26, 2017, 05:52 pm
(I like red best as It's more eye catching.)

And more deadly-looking!

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


I'm having trouble with my Prototype Gunstick toggle shooting mechanism.

Genius Gunstick (43).JPGGenius Gunstick (44).JPG

I use the toggle to open out the shooter & its not going very far. I need the top image to look like the middle image. Instead it looks like the bottom image.

Togge Shooter 01.jpg

Anyone know about gear ratios or gear mechanisms, tutorials or videos to fix this problem? Maybe someone I can ask?


Hi Elkad.

I think your mechanism looks great, but maybe a bit complex for a relatively simple task of shooting the prongs out & back.
If it was me I would personally just extend the stick the prongs attach to out of the back of the ball-joint so it can just be pushed forwards & backwards.
Hope this makes sense- if not I can always try to post a picture...

Good luck,


Rassilons Rod

I was sure I commented on this........ I said much the same thing.  You just need a length of broom handle.
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Update on my plug & pay gunstick.
I found the right color & shape wire but, the wire inside was a thick copper, not very flexible. So I removed the copper wire & replaced it with some old coax cable. With a lot of inch by inch force & talcum powder, I was able to get the wire in the sleeve.

Genius Gunstick (45).JPGGenius Gunstick (46).JPG

For the gold coil, I used a plastic tube. The coil didn't look right, so I tightly coiled it, holding it in place with twist ties & boiled it in the microwave.
I painted it & inserted it into two drill holes I made in the back of the gun ball joint.

Genius Gunstick (47).JPGGenius Gunstick (48).JPGGenius Gunstick (49).JPGGenius Gunstick (50).JPGGenius Gunstick (51).JPG

That done I plan on making the plug, that will actuality fit into an electrical magnetic actuator / solenoid to move the shooter in & out of the gun.
Anyone know about actuator or solenoids? I need one that will push & pull the shooter a 2" length.

Genius Gunstick (52).JPG

I experimented making an electro magnetic solenoid / actuator but, all I got was about half an inch or so.

Davros Skaro

Your video looks great, & the amount of movement is pretty good. to get a longer movement you would have to lengthen the moving rod in the coil, or find one with a longer rod. From what I remember when watching the Dalek stories, the movement was 1"-2" either way, so what you have there is about right.
Hope this helps as I can't think of anything else to get a longer stroke.



It's bin a wile since I updated this, the solenoid idea wasn't working, I need more info on how to make a 1 to 2 inch coil, like what gauge wire, how much voltage is needed, & how do I wire it up to pull the bolt in two directions.

I just recently had a couple ideas for the plug & play gunstick & the switch gunstick.

For the switch gun stick, first of all, I shouldn't have glued the spheres, I needed to get to the barrel & had to remove the switch ball.

Genius Gunstick (53).jpg

I had an idea after seeing a guy making a cardboard scissor hinge boxing glove, gun, toy.

Genius Gunstick (54).jpgGenius Gunstick (55).jpgGenius Gunstick (56).jpg

As for the plug & play gunstick, I'll be using a toy saw zaw, (I think that's what its called), to make an electric reciprocating shooter.

Genius Gunstick (57).jpg

It uses a spinning, off center circle to push & pull the toy saw blade. I can adapt this to pull & push a longer rod.

Genius Gunstick (58).jpgGenius Gunstick (59).jpg


I found a video on how to make a motorized piston, similar to a steam train piston.
If I adapt this mechanism with some leaf spring switches on ether end, I can press a button, or pull activating lever to start firing the prongs, & when I let go, the leaf spring switches will keep the motor running until it resets.