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1:7 Scale Altered Brachaki Build

Started by fivefingeredstyre, Apr 19, 2017, 01:16 pm

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tony farrell

I must say that I do like these Knackered Brackker versions!

As well as the wrong-sided phone panel, I think its nice that you've incorporated the more subtle variations in this version too: the blue back-ground to the side sign-box lettering, the locating bars on either side of the base, the fact the base jutted out more at the front than the back. It's nice, too, that you've used the Helvetica font for the front sign-box. (For some reason it seems to show up better in this version than your previous one - different lighting perhaps?.)

You've even got the broken panel dividing strip on the right-hand side and - joy of joys - the mix of plain and pebbled glass on the left-hand window nearest the front of the box. You've obviously been paying attention!!  ;)

I think you captured her in all her wonky, crooked, loveliness.  :)

All you need now is the hinge on the lamp's square base, the eye-hooks on the top of the rear corner-posts, the round door knobs on the rear doors and then she'd be ready for a trip up Mount Snowdon to meet the Yeti!  ;)



Cheers Tony!

It's the same signage as before, but this time round I weathered the box with an air brush and shades of light grey and black, rather than pastels, which gives a much lighter touch...

I wondered if you'd notice the base...;)


Got bored yesterday...

This was actually a test to see if I could make three TARDISes dematerialise at different rates, simultaneously.

It's a lot harder than you think, I can tell you  ;D


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Quote from: fivefingeredstyre on Jun 14, 2017, 06:01 am
It's a lot harder than you think, I can tell you  ;D

And yet, you made it look so easy, and it was brilliantly done! (I'm not able to manage that.)

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Angelus Lupus

Nice! I like the fact that the sounds overlap and compete with each other, it gives it that Old Who feel.
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I liked the end credits the best :P

I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


The original TARDIS landing shot from Spearhead from Space has always bugged me. Why they used a model in the first place I've never been able to work out and the cold tape starting of the Materialisation sound just emphasises the fact that we are looking at a model...

So I thought I'd have a play at seeing how close I could get one of my models to tie in with the colour grading of the live footage...

The jump cut to Pertwee falling out of the prop meant that I couldn't line up the model exactly with the live shot - as the sudden cut to the Doctor exiting the TARDIS would have looked really strange - so I thought I'd try framing the model shot from the opposite angle (as if the camera would have been on the other side of the TARDIS when it landed...

Quite pleased with this one. It's actually the Troughton version I made, with a black phone panel placed on the rear of the model ;)


I have to agree with your comments about this, the same things have always bugged me too!

Looks a load better Steve. Nice work.

Mice touch seeing the beaches in front of the TARDIS too


Got a bit of a Brachaki factory going on at the moment...




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A little progress down at the Brachaki farm...




Anyone want to play "Guess the variants"? :D


They look great!

I'd say:

1) Mind Robber (or you just haven't painted it yet.... ;)  )
2) Abominable Snowman
3)  Three Doctors.

Do I get one as a prize?  ;D

Triffic work.



tony farrell

The Celestial Toymaker
The Spearhead from Space
The Three Doctors  :)


Nope to one and two -

(The first one isn't painted yet, so don't be fooled by the colour and the second one has been, but hasn't been weathered yet... ;) )


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Maybe It's my eyes, or because it hasn't been painted, but the 1st one looks more like a Newberry, rather than a Brachacki?

Is the 2nd one season 13?