Mobius's Metropolitain Police Public Recycling Bin.

Started by mobius, Jul 22, 2019, 02:19 am

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You know you're going to have to go back and fix it.  At least on the front side. ;)  

If you do, the relative dimensions will be about right.  

Too bad you made the vertical window thingies the straight shot instead of the middle crossbar.  Then you'd have only had to make 2 cuts instead of 6.

OK.  6 cuts instead of 10.  Forgot that the top and bottom crossbars are going to need to be cut down too.  Which brings me to my original point: 

QuoteThat looks like an insane amount of work to make something to hold a paper bag.  lol.

"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
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Chapter 4  In which a bit more happens.

Managed to get a little work in on the bin today, took it out back and sprayed a couple of coats of blue paint on it. Not thrilled really, the end grain on the plywood base really sucked the paint in and just isn't shiny. Might end up brushing on some paint instead. Er, as soon as I find the can of Tardis blue I used on the big one. Meanwhile also dug around the workshop and found a finial from some curtain rods I salvaged years ago, which are nice but they've been down there for years, and will probably just rot down there so I popped one end of one off and screwed it on top as a handle/"lantern", it won't light up, not even sure I'm going to paint it, I kind of like it like that, works very well, it's pretty much what I imagined in me old head. Also painted the windows black, with a fine but alas, not fine enough brush, so I got some black on the muntins, which I'll have to touch up with some blue acrylic art paint.  And a finer brush. I haven't painted any miniatures in a long long time, should have been more careful.  Ah well.

So all that's really left to do, is paint the inside white, maybe paint the outside again, touch it up in any case, oh, and glue the signs on of course! I was going to put some rubber feet on the inside of the lid to keep it from banging, might still do, but meantime glued on a small block I had previously just rested there to keep the lid level relative to the box, as the hinges have it up some 3/16ths of an inch, I don't mind the gap though. because I'm not riding the tubes haha. But I jest. Probably good to have a little ventilation, though most of what I toss into it will be dry recyclables. Oh and I think I'll put some little nylon feet on the bottom to keep it raised off the floor, haven't painted the bottom, this would protect it from water should any spill near it. Oh gosh I might have to buy some, which could blow the $0 budget straight out of the water and into the stratosphere, this build could cost me as much as several dollars!

Of course before I can put this thing in my loo, I have to clean it up. Which could take as long as this build took. I can hardly put a Tardis shaped recyling container into a bathroom which is untidy. There's piles of papers and books, magazines and comics on a coffee table in there, I've been meaning to tidy it up for years.  So there's a practical upshot of Tardis building.  Oh and Volpone, I'm not fixing anything. I like that it's a bit off, like some slightly weird Tardis toy, there's a charm to it if the windows had the wrong number of bars or something. :p I wouldn't go that far though!




It's always a matter of time...

Davros Skaro

This look really great, you've done a great job on this, like the knob too.  :) :D



oh crikey I never posted the completed box? @_@ I'll take pics soon, so happy this site is back up! much thanks to the admins for making it, running it, and restoring, er, regenerating it! ^__^ <3<3
It's always a matter of time...