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Arduino Vs. Raspberry Pi

Started by BioDoctor900, Apr 19, 2017, 12:02 pm

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Hi guys, I want to get some advice. I'm looking to get either a Arduino or Raspberry Pi for my console. What I want to be able to do is run the console monitor screen video, like I would on my laptop, but I'd also like to get it wired up to switches so that when switches are flicked or buttons pressed, they make sounds and make the LED's flash or something. For example, I want to be able to do it so that when I finally get round to making the rotor move, that when I pull the Demat lever, it makes the LED's flicker a bit and the SFX for the Take off is heard.

I've not got any knowledge of coding, hence why I'm reaching out for help. DavidNagel and I have been chatting and he says it's fairly simple, but it sometimes takes a while to get my head around things

The main query is what would work better, the Arduino or the Pi? I know the Pi is more like a computer, but would the Arduino play videos?

The outputs on the console that I want to have are as follows; (I already have all the audio and video files)

- TARDIS Screen on a Loop
- TARDIS Demat, Flight and Remat
- TARDIS Switches (Ideally some of the SFX off of the Playset)
- Lights flickering with different SFX

I don't think its too much, but I just want to make it so that the console is a bit more interactive, rather than just plugging my laptop in to play the SFX and Video

If anyone has any advice or knowledge, it would be appreciated



The arduino is a very very basic processor. It can do many things, but playing video is not it's forte. It's great for hooking simple inputs into (like levers and switches) and great for simple output (flashing lights) and maybe some simple sounds (with the right add on module). You have to write almost all the code for the arduino.

The Pi on the other hand has an HDMI output to any video device. You can get cheap LCD screens on ebay. And yes the Pi can play videos very well. And has audio playback. The Pi runs a few variations of Linux and can be a full computer OS.

You can do a combination of the two. Have the arduino react to switches and levers and have it activate videos and sound effects on the Pi.