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How to dismantle a HDD

Started by Davros Skaro, Mar 15, 2017, 04:27 am

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Davros Skaro

Mar 15, 2017, 04:27 am Last Edit: Apr 02, 2017, 07:22 am by Davros Skaro
How to dismantle a HDD.


We use to have a computer refurbishment group here that was connected to an employment agency & those on unemployment use to have to do "work for the dole" schemes. Well I got to do it with the computer mob & then got to having the dead HDD's & pulling them apart. I have about 50 discs (somewhere) but they are all the 3.5's. Managed to get 6 or so of the 5​" ones & made some Dalek ships with them. They were the right size for that. If you know any computer places, go see them & ask for their old dead drives, I'm sure they would give them to you. I have to find a new suppler, as the computer referb place has shut down about 3 years now, because of our stinking government. They use to give the refurbished computers to pensioners & the unemployed.

Don't know if you have pulled any apart, but if you do get any HDD's, make sure you get a set of star * & Phillips X point screwdriver bits, as these are what most of them are put together with. Once you get the top off & take the circuit board of the back, leave the discs in place till last & remove any other screws that are holding bits down, it varies from drive to drive. Remove the magnets (watch them they can bite), then the swinging pickup arm, you might need a flat blade for that depending, then the other bottom magnet (you may need to remove more screws), then you can remove the screws for the discs/platters. With the platters removed you may have more screws to remove or none. If no screws, you'll need a punch to punch the pin on the back through to remove the motor, but there will be the coils left behind on the casing, these can be removed (lifted off) with a push bike tyre lever, gently. From here there are too many versions of motors to go through but some you just need to use a suitable punch to knock them apart, just use a piece of wood with a hole in it for the parts to drop through etc. I'm sure you could work that out.
I was looking through some boxes the other day & found a couple of OLD 5​' floppy drives & discs (still unopened). Don't know if they are of use any more or if people collect them. I'm a bit of a bower-bird, (collect things for a later day).
Still, hope you can find this dismantling description helps you. :-)



What a fantastic tutorial!! Thanks for posting this Davros Skaro! I'll definitely be revisiting your post when I finally get round to finishing my own "Machine that Goes Ding".

Wonderful post.
Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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Davros Skaro

Thanks The14thDr, I thought it might help someone who doesn't know how to dismantle them, I made a few mistakes when I first started.

Chris. :-)


Cheers for the tutorial!

It's usually best to start a new topic for things like this, then it can get titled appropriately and moved to a good home. The staff can split topics apart, but if they don't get to it quickly it can get really difficult to disentangle, as posts start discussing the new topic and the original in alternating paragraphs... if it doesn't get split out then in a short time it will be lost:
"Now where was that hard drive splitting tutorial again?"

The Gadget workshop would probably be a good place.


Cardinal Hordriss

I wish I'd had that tutorial to hand yesterday lol.

We managed to remove most of the screws with a flat head screwdriver and pliers. We tried pulling the motor apart as we couldn't see anything holding it together but  it wouldn't shift. I decided that if it was invisibly bolted together it must be through the centre so put it upside down in a clamp and was hammering a dint in it to start drilling and the middle came out and the whole thing fell apart. You live and you learn lol.
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