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Twenty-sixth Century Ogron Guns

Started by elkad, Feb 23, 2017, 09:53 pm

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Quote from: Volpone on Jul 23, 2020, 01:33 pmBest I can find is that it has a 7" barrel.  But I'm not a BB gun guy, so I don't know if the entire thing that breaks for cocking is the barrel or they consider part of that as the chamber or something.  Apparently if is the Diana Model 5, but was also rebranded and sold as the Winchester Model 353. Here's the 2 most useful links I could find, but sadly no frame of reference for measuring:

Thanks for the info. From the biography sez 15-3/4" from back to the barrel, & the barrel is 7". So I can now tell the gun is 8-3/4"
With that I can tell how long the handle is, but I still need a thickness. Now, all I need to find is a picture of the gun on it's side, so I can see the width of the handle & body, then I can complete the measurements.

I tried to photoshop the gun with some ruler pics. The image is to big to view here. At the moment. I do have a higher quality pic, but I can't load it.

Well, If anyone uses a copy of the gun pic, all you have to do is resize your computer screen slideshow or whatever program you use to view the image to the correct length & trace the image on a piece of paper.  :)

model 5 Winchester 353 pellet gun messureing copy.jpg