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Classic Eccleston/Tennant

Started by jezmiller, Feb 21, 2017, 08:44 pm

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Thread might be a bit.. dead at the moment but I had to leave a comment

First of all I love that Console, there is nothing on it would change but I feel the room looks a bit odd with those buttresses and console.

What I'd personally do if your up for suggestions is reshape the walls and ceiling into a more curved layout that better matches the rounded shape of the console while maintaining the clear grey/silver and white roundel classic aesthetic.

Another inclusion i would recommend is a glass floor section on the main platform that you can view a further section of the console weather as a engine, generator, eye of harmony or even a coolant tank that Matt Smith's TARDIS featured, helps add depth and detail I feel.

But yeah, wonderful design so far and I hope it's not over yet!

- The Prydonian Renegade


I really want to see more of this console! Any chance of a plan view? :)