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Wood supplies and other general questions

Started by cyberleader1991, Jun 05, 2005, 02:40 am

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I'm a fool for not watching that earlier. I just had to use up one of my regenerations I was laughing so hard. Really is scary how much she reminds me of me, only she had more experience and funny.


Are you from Germany as well?
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I've got bit of German on my dad side but not really. My Dad gave the same reaction that her mom did though upon finding out about 'the project'.


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Sillysparrowness is still a member here, though she hasn't been logged in since July. If you send her a PM she might be able to answer a question if you've got any on her build. (She should get an e-mail notice that she's got a PM waiting.)

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She's on Facebook and Twitter under the same handle.  Can't miss her. :D
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Is any other new UK TARDIS builder finding the whole buying wood a bit of a bother?

Plywood yes, but finding softwood or even MDF in the sizes I'm after to make the posts is nye on impossible!