Paint Code Number Eccleston and David Tennamt 2005-2010 Tardis

Started by tomatofish1, Feb 16, 2017, 06:20 pm

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Does anyone know the paint code Number  for a Christopher Eccleston and David Tennamt 2005-2010 Tardis Thank you


The answers are in this section if you look through the topic list - especially the ones that have "PAINT" in the topic title.

This question has been posted in several sections already, so for those that can't take the time to read through the topics, and to stop the question from popping up in yet another section: - Gives the "Official BBC 'TARDIS Blue' Color Code", which pretty much matches the Eccleston box (2005-2009). Basically that color with a light black wash over it (as explained in the topics). - CYMK, RGB, and other color code mixes for the Official Color (contained in the Topic Title); - Other color code mixes for the above;

PDF Swatch of the Pantone Color - The title of this one is self-explanatory. Your actual color may vary depending on the printer used when having this printed out for color-matching.

There is more info here. It just takes some effort in reading through the topics to find it. (Or one could use the Search Bar near the top right corner of every page.)

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