Discussions surrounding the identification of 4 studio owned Police Box Props

Started by domvar, Jan 21, 2017, 11:03 am

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Stunning work Tony!

Of course, the question that remains now: what really happened to the Cushing box after the second movie?


I always liked the idea of the box being blown up in The New Avengers even though it was a shame but yeah, when you really look... certainly going by the evidence of the front side. They do have size similarities but the spacing of the panels is more even all around on the Pinewood box where as the gaps above and below the panels seems thinner.

Since the doors were removed to form the interior set doors and the gaps above the side panel showing the light - it was probably a dismantle-able prop.

Maybe it was only actually built for the films - it does look very fresh in the first film.

Perhaps following filming it was broken down into its component parts and never used again.


The Glass panes in the Pinewood box are noticeably skinnier (the bars being slightly thicker) - Just flicking up and down this page shows you that too :)

classic who

That's an excellent detailed post, fascinating, I'm convinced.!

Cribbins was made by Thames TV at Teddington, so they may well have hired it from Pinewood.

It's also interesting that in the Cribbins sketch they avoid any shots of the top of the box, although that could be to hide the top of the giant feet rather than the Regents Park sign.

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Thanks for that, Tony!
Sorry your studio archive search was (so far) fruitless, but you've nonetheless given us (once again) detailed research. I always appreciate the screen-caps where you highlight the bit that has led to your conclusions.
I wonder why the Nobody Runs box had 'Regents Park' signs? Some sort of legal rights problem with using the word 'Police'? ASAIK, no real boxes ever had a location sign... looks more like the route sign on a bus!
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Following on from the great posts on the Cushing Box/New Avengers thread, and the Cribbins clip, I was thinking about others.

I assume I'm right in saying, it was the Ealing box in the Honda Bike Advert from the early 80's?

However, does anyone know which box was used for Peter Davison's This Is Your Life?

For the opening, in Trafalgar Square it was the TYJ box of course, but a different box was used for later in the programme when Beryl Reid made her entrance, it's therefore interesting that they couldn't use the BBC's TYJ one.

A couple of years ago on YT, there was a clip from a 60's Blackpool Night In, with Mike and Bernie Winters in a sketch called Dr Schmoo, it featured  a box, but the clips not there now, and I can't recall if it was a quick mock up or not, I have a feeling it was though.

Another I recall, was from a 90's New Year Show from BBC Scotland, featuring a sketch with Ricky Fulton, it may have been a show called Scotch and Wry, anyway I remember a sketch where two policemen bundle a nabbed criminal with a sack over his head, into a Police Box, various jokes are exchanged and then they decide to take the criminal to the station, and you can guess  what happens, the Box De-Materialises.

It was done on location, but I don't recall whether it was a prop or not.

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It would be interesting to see any screen-grabs from the shows you mention as this would make identifying the boxes/Tardises concerned.

To get you started, here is the box used in the Mike and Bernie Winters Show from August 1966:

Mike and Bernie Winters Aug 1966.jpg


classic who

Ah, thanks for the screen grab, it doesn't seem to be a quick mock up after all, looks quite good actually.

I haven't seen the Ricky Fulton, sketch since it was on, sadly, but the advert is on YT under 'Honda TARDIS advert', and the Beryl Reid box, under 'Peter Davison talks about This Is Your Life'.

I don't know if anyone else can put some grabs up from them, as I'm not Au-Fait with that yet, although I'm working on it.


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Maybe these will help:

The "Honda TARDIS Advert" TARDIS, captured right after its odd materialization. (Sharpened and lightened a little to bring out more details; the image was rather dark in the vid.)

And a larger image (player selected to "Full Screen" mode), cropped to focus on the TARDIS. (Again sharpened and lightened a bit.)

The Beryl Reid entrance from the vid "Peter Davison recalls This Is Your Life". (Slightly off on the title of the vid, classic who: made it difficult to tell which vid to look for among the list. Not that I minded watching Peter Davison talk about his role and the show - got to see loads of things we never got to see in the States - it just made it hard to get to the right clip showing the TARDIS in question. But I found it. :))

This one wasn't the sharpest image, so I've tried to sharpen it so the image wasn't so fuzzy. Made it a hair lighter as well to bring out some of the detail around that front window area.

And again a grab with the player set to "Full Screen" mode. Cropped to focus on the TARDIS: sharpened a little and lightened to bring out more detail. This one is a JPG because I couldn't get the PNG (like the first three images) below 500k.

Interesting, this one: no Phone Panel Door. (Rear doors of an actual prop? Or a bodged together prop for this show?)

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Fascinating research as always, Tony! Hopefully your studio archive research will eventually yield something. (It's too bad the whereabouts of this box is unknown. It would have been great if they could have used the Cushing box as a stand-in for the removed Barnet Bypass box when filming "Logopolis". Having the series TARDIS next to the Cushing TARDIS - the next best thing to a real Police Box - would really have shown the whole "The TARDIS got it wrong" that the 4th Doctor explained to Adric. What's more, using those two props would have made it easy for the story to show the Doctor's TARDIS materializing around the "Police Box", and have the Cushing TARDIS inside the Doctor's console room.)

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The Honda Advert Box... Surely thats the Ealing Box, that is now on display at The Who Shop? The door signage and the size of the handle on the main door gives it away.
Or am i just seeing things that are not there?



I think we had identified that the who shop box was the Elstree box rather than the Ealing Box but yes it's the one in the honda ad

tony farrell

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Correct Dom!

Here is the Elstree Box on the Doctor Who Float at the Lord Mayor's Parade (I think 1982 but am open to correction):

And at a Dr Who Appreciation Society convention (in a rather poor state of repair which - reportedly - caused Tom Baker much amusement):
DWAS events.jpg

And finally as the box is at present in The Who Shop:



looking at the TIYL images that looks like the newbury with the TYJ sign boxes and the roof lowered

classic who

Thanks very much for the grabs, sorry for getting the title wrong for TIYL, so it's the Elstree Box in the advert then.

I was at that DWAS convention, it was the very first one in August 77, and the box was very rickety, when Jon Pertwee made his spectacular entrance from the box, he threw the doors open and claimed, 'I AM THE DOCTOR', and the whole box shook.!

Mat Irvine was there as well, with many of his props and models, and I got to fire a Tesh Gun.

The box from TIYL, could be the Newbury/TYJ one I suppose, it's difficult to tell, either way it's odd they used two boxes for the programme.