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New Met box plans - first draft.

Started by anita, Feb 06, 2009, 12:14 pm

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Here's one of my original pics of the Blackwall Tunnel North box, which I believe is of the same type as Crich.



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Good shot! You can actually see the slight slope, and also appears to be a slight ridge where the top surfaces meet on the right.

And yes, the Box that replaced the original Post there was indeed a Mark 4 --

H15 Blackwall Tunnel North 2 (c1978).jpg

Interestingly, this almost was the Crich Box, as it was the one they looked into potentially acquiring before getting in touch with the Met directly and finding out they still had a few in storage.


That photo always depresses me, as it wasn't in the best of condition when I took my pictures, but it looked a sight better than that!
I believe my pics are in the database, but for quick access, go to my (minimalist) website:



Tomorrow, I'll take Tony's advice and do some more overlaying of wireframes onto photographs. I've done it a couple of times before, and it's certainly tedious, but worth it to get an accurate end result. Once we've reached an accurate stage (which may not be for a while), then work can be put into the actual plans.

Getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but I'd love to help with graphics work on any infographics/charts that may be needed, such as the Spotter's Guide mentioned in the Met Box "To-Do" list. Functionally it wouldn't make too much of a difference if the information is the same, but I feel it's always nice to have something that is aesthetically pleasing.


Would it be wise to split off and start a photogrammetry thread for the box wireframes? That way it has its own dedicated place and doesn't take up space in this thread or the build diary thread and just makes things much easier.