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New, New TardisBuilders!

New Met box plans - first draft.

Started by anita, Feb 06, 2009, 12:14 pm

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Huston we have post caps!



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That's hot!
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Looks lovely!
and nice detail, especially the fresnel


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Finally I've textured mapped the model using a "piece" of the Crich box;


For some reason I can't upload it to the Sketchup warehouse but if anyone wants to download the free version of Sketchup I will pm you the skp file, the file is less than 2 mb and when used in conjunction with the measuring tool you've got a complete 3d set of accurate blueprints.


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Anita is your box based on a real police box like the crich box. Brilliant sketchups as always by the way.

My box is based on a real police box too.


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Quote from: anita on Feb 20, 2009, 09:23 am
On the contrary, your season 18 is a cracking looking Sketchup!
You also constructed it you the correct method with components as opposed to making each piece individually.
I made a Barachki box - can't believe how small it is compared to the Met box;

I know!! Check this out then!!!! Mine's teensy compared to yours. Lovin the Brachaki by the way. If you want to fix all the problems on mine please go ahead!!!
All you need now is a Hudolin, Thomas, and a Newbury and you could do a 3d usual suspects thing!!!
Couldn't resist Anita - sorry.....

EDIT: Linked to pictures that were too large - SW
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Quote from: policeboxnut on Feb 17, 2009, 02:10 pm

You've lost me there - do you mean you have my original? I thought I deleted it.....
Told you I was thick.

You posted it here I think and I saved it - do you want it?



Will I make the plans standard (A4) blueprint size or a booklet like the Dalek builder plans?


What ever you feel like, I should think!

Lespaceplie has produced great plans of most of the earlier TARDIS boxes in PDF form, in an A4 format. Topics with links to these are pinned in the [ref board=77]plans[/ref] board. Other interpretations are welcome too, of course.

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 I think I'm going to go with the BBC type blueprint size - makes more sense.

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Quite old, and I do remember it well.

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how are the met box plans going?