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Police Post in Blackpool

Started by james791, Dec 20, 2016, 05:35 pm

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Not sure if this has been seen yet, but my Mum forwarded me this link from Blackpool past and there's a pic of a Police Post.



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According to A document from June 27 1953 on Archive.org:

--Capital £1,500. To carry on the business of chemists and druggists, etc
Frank Smith, M.P.S., Patricia Smith Frank R. Starkey, M.P.S., and (Mrs.) C. Starkey. directors.
R.O.: 308 Waterloo Road. Blackpool.

Now to find 308 Waterloo Road, Google Streetview Puts us at a 3 road intersection.
The building matches up to the Photo, they've upgraded a few windows in the last 50 year, but it is clearly the same.

PTP - 308 Waterloo Road - Streetview 2015.jpg

Now to see if the Old OS Maps has a PTP in the same place.
That it does in 1963, confirming the location of this Police Post.

PTP - 308 Waterloo Road - OS Map 1963.jpg

A quick look around Blackpool shows that there are other Police Posts.
This is a Post at the Top of Waterloo Road at Preston A5073.

PTP - Preston A7053 at Waterloo road - OS Map 1963.jpg

There is a PCB or Police Box listed at Waterloo Road at St Annes Road.
Not sure what a Blackpool Police Box looks like, might be fun to find out.

PCB - Waterloo Road at St Annes Road - OS Map 1963.jpg

Britain from Above, has a picture of the intersection, but as often is the case a building obscures the piece we want to see.
What you are seeing is the Waterloo Hotel, the PCB would be just on the opposite corner to the left.

PCB - Waterloo Road at St Annes Road - BFA EAW033683 (1950) crop.jpg

Still there it looks like Blackpool could show a few more pictures.
Maybe there are more out there?


Thanks for the research on that! The reason it came to my Mums attention is that she says she remembers Police boxes being in Blackpool when she was young, ditto my Uncle who is a big Dr Who fan-she saw this as proof and posted it to me, so I think she may be getting her posts and boxes confused. (My fan uncle though is another matter-he'd definitely know the difference between a Post and a box I would have thought? Anyway, he swears there was a tardis like police box on my great grandmothers road, Marton Drive I think?)


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Quote from: james791 on Dec 22, 2016, 07:31 am
He swears there was a tardis like police box on my great grandmothers road, Marton Drive I think?)

That Post is directly Opposite the North End of Marton Drive.
A quick look down the OS Maps in 1963 shows that Marton Drive ends in the south at another three road intersection.
There are no other Posts or Boxes Shown on that road.

The next closest map of the area is 1938, also not showing anything on that road.
Even the Chemist Post we're talking about is missing in 1938.

However, the PTP at Preston A5073 junction is shown as a PCB in 1938.
Of course that could be a PA1 Pillar and we'd never know unless a photo shows up.
I know we've seen then use PCB for Pillars before they started making the distinction with PTP.

I've been looking for other photos, and I found a PA1 Pillar across the street from the South Pier swimming pool in the 1940s.
So I'd say at the very least they had a PA1 Pillar system, that they upgraded to PA3 Posts sometime after 1955.

For the Boxes, its possible they do exist.
I was surprised about the City of London Boxes when we started finding photos of them.
Either way we need to see a photo, or maybe you can clarify with your family.

There are lots of things left to find in Blackpool, you if you use the links I posted you can dig the same information up.
Give it a try, it's quite fun.