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The Black Scrolls of Rassilon

Started by warmcanofcoke, Dec 16, 2016, 02:54 pm

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Dec 16, 2016, 02:54 pm Last Edit: Dec 16, 2016, 03:01 pm by warmcanofcoke
The Black Scrolls of Rassilon
Forbidden Knowledge from the Dark Time

The Five Doctors 1983 Season 20 Story 130
Black Scrolls 01.jpg
Black Scrolls 01
Black Scrolls 02.jpg
Black Scrolls 02
Black Scrolls 03.jpg
Black Scrolls 03
Black Scrolls 04.jpg
Black Scrolls 04
Black Scrolls 05.jpg
Black Scrolls 05
Black Scrolls 06.jpg
Black Scrolls 06
Black Scrolls 07.jpg
Black Scrolls 07
Black Scrolls 08.jpg
Black Scrolls 08
Black Scrolls 09.jpg
Black Scrolls 09
Black Scrolls 10.jpg
Black Scrolls 10
Black Scrolls 11.jpg
Black Scrolls 11
Black Scrolls 12.jpg
Black Scrolls 12
Black Scrolls 13.jpg
Black Scrolls 13
Black Scrolls 14.jpg
Black Scrolls 14
Black Scrolls 15.jpg
Black Scrolls 15
Black Scrolls 16.jpg
Black Scrolls 16
Black Scrolls 17.jpg
Black Scrolls 17
Black Scrolls 18.jpg
Black Scrolls 18
Black Scrolls 19.jpg
Black Scrolls 19
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.

Davros Skaro

some great pictures there Nate, well done.
I always liked to have had that box (without the scrolls). wonder if they are still available?


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Yet more amazing prop reference images, Nate, and more thanks for grabbing and posting these for us. (You're working really hard at getting these images for us, and you're doing it so selflessly. You're just brilliant!)

That certainly looks like some off-the-shelf boxes I've seen over the years, albeit probably "dirtied up" some to make it look ancient. There should be some "close enoughs" out there if this exact box isn't available anymore. With these great images one could get some pleather and the copper tacks from a fabric store, and take a wooden box that's decently close in size and "bling" on the detailing. And with today's technology and the laser-cutting capability, making that Great Seal of Rassilon out of some copper for the top shouldn't be too difficult.

The only problem I have with "The Five Doctors" special (or any story featuring the Castellan played by Paul Jericho) is, ever since that birthday present someone sent me anonymously some years ago (2012, according to the date the photo was taken), anytime I see the Castellan all I can think of are his last words spoken (before "Aaaah!") as he's carted out of the High Council Chambers:
(Yeah; for those that remember it, it still exists, though it's gotten a bit snug over the years: shrinkage on its part, slight expansion on mine. I think it will make a great pillow, though, since it's difficult to wear these days.)

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Hi Guys

Thought you might like to see my replica casket of Rassilon.



Davros Skaro

Quote from: drdean on Aug 02, 2020, 05:39 pmHi Guys

Thought you might like to see my replica casket of Rassilon.



Wow, a build diary of this would be great to see, you did a great job on it! :)