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Nottingham Police Boxes

Started by lorisarvendu, Nov 26, 2008, 01:10 pm

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Hi all, after a long winter break and searching I have managed to purchase the Nottingham City Police sign as seen on the pice below I can't say for sure if this is off this box that stood on the corner of the Rope Walk, boy I do know for for sure that there are only two others around, one is on display at Nottingham Central Police station, the other is in the hand of my friend Mike  and then mine.
   When City Police merged with with county the signs was replaced with just Police before the boxes was removed, now after that sign.IMG_3292.jpg
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60s (apparently) pic of the later style box in colour and with its lamp on top.



Great pic! I remember walking past this box often as a boy...


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Nice, for me it was the boxes in Glasgow and Edinburgh that I used to see a lot as a child. I even convinced my father to try and buy one from Strathclyde police in the early 90s and he wrote to them. He was very kind and indulgent like that. We never got a response.

My father tells a story about a box in Newcastle at the end of his road in the 50s. He said that as a child late at night he would occasionally see a police car pull up to the box. Two officers would pull someone out of the car, who was drunk and obviously causing problems in the back. They would take him in the box. The light would come on. Shadows would be seen jumping around behind the windows. The light would go out and a much subdued prisoner would be dragged back to the car.


I was at Nottingham Police HQ (work related) a few weeks ago,  the old Box has a face lift now back to the darker colour, still looking good.
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Nottingham box getting a protective wall of sandbags