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Nottingham Police Boxes

Started by lorisarvendu, Nov 26, 2008, 01:10 pm

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I've just been told by a guy at work that there's a Police box up at the Sherwood Lodge Notts Police HQ.  I live in Long Eaton, so it's only about a 45 minute journey, but I just wanted to ask if anyone here was aware of it.  Save me a wasted journey.

Work guy swears it's an original box, and that it used to be in Nottingham Market Square.  Sounds like rubbish to me, but hey you never know.

I'll see if I can give them a ring at the weekend, maybe pop up and take some pix if I'm allowed.

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Looks like this is the box in question


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I know it's been quite a while since this post but I have since found out the box is still based at Police HQ but is apparently not acessable by member of the public any more. According to an article on the Police Oricle it appears it used to be in front of the main gates which would have allowed for good photo's.

The box apparently stood on Old Market Place and as far as I can figure was nearby where Yates is (if you know the area). I've tried Street View but oddly there is none for that street area. I'm led to believe this is only a youngster in Police Box terms as it was built in the 50's.

Now I'm not from the Nottingham area originally but since moving down I have made friends with a chap who turns out to be some "top brass" in the police and his office overlooks the new home of this Police Box. I am now waiting for his busy schedule and my not too busy one to match up so I can go and have a look.

He is also going to try and locate the keys so hopefully I can have a nosey inside. (Yes I know there won't be loads to see inside but I'm sad like that!).

When this all comes together I will post my pictures.


Hey that would be great if you get the chance to go visit. I love to see pics from inside these old boxes, too many are inaccessible to us civvies unfortunately. :(


Well I shall do whatever I can mate.

A lot is riding on this friend of mine, but obviously his job comes before my need for Police Boxes!

This box is such an odd thing, very small and very different. Looking forward to seeing it.


It used to be bang outside Yates Wine Lodge. I used to live in Nottingham and saw it all the time when I was younger. It was quite a plain looking thing made from wooden slats, a couple of non-Tardis windows and I can't remember, but I think it may have had a lamp on top. It was painted blue however . Here is a very small pic and blurb about it. I was always a bit disappointed in it cos it did not look like a TARDIS or a standard Met box for that matter.



I think this is the box in question:


This thread sadly reminds me that the work colleague I mentioned in the first post died soon afterward. The thread has lasted longer than him.  :(


Sorry to hear that.

But I beg to differ over the photo. As I remember it, it was square with horizontal slats on each side and plane one pane windows. The roof was not gabled, but flat with a felt roof. My previous post shows a glimpse of it and you can see the horizontal slats. Not at all like the one you posted.


Hi Dom, I somehow managed to miss that thread. Really useful though, thank you.

The first Nottingham one is in the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. I know a lady that works there too and I'm trying to sweet talk her into getting me in that box.


Quote from: domvar on Feb 17, 2012, 02:10 pm
They are both here :-


Thank you for that!

Yes, it was the first one that stood outside Yates. I said it had a flat roof...seems I was wrong on that one. I think it was probably because of my age at the time, I could not see it as I was not high enough....at least that's my excuse!


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Nottingham Police box as it was with PC Dennis (Tugg) Wilson who I had the pleasure of working with and the Box now outside police HQ
Happy day when i was a young constable.
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visited that box only last year. There is a plaque on ground level explaining a bit about it although I can't find my picture of it at present.


1police box.jpg
Came across this picture of the Nottingham Police box taken in the 1970's, not the best picture.
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Its a great picture, it puts the boxes location more accurately in my mind now. I knew it was outside Yate's but couldnt place ot properly.