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Colour of the Peter Davison TYJ box

Started by mikeypopkins, Nov 07, 2016, 12:42 pm

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Thanks warmcanofcoke

I once tried to 're-create' the image on my PC using a Paint program that came with Windows XP and some screen grabs from the 25th Anniversary DVD boxset, but couldn't do the fade out (obviously) and can't help but wonder if it had been deemed worthy of inclusion in the Special Edition, would a slightly improved bit of software would've been used. As it was 'they' went with the Time Scoop emerging from the old girl, which I know upset Terrance Dicks when I had a chat with him about it (he signed my DVD cover and a couple of books).

Thanks again for the reply.
Nigel Mathews


Matching paint colours for props etc. can be difficult, especially when trying to do so off a screen or photographs - the same photo can look completely different. I know some of you lovely TARDIS builders are after the correct colour for the Tom Yardley-Jones box, so ... "Uncle Propfix" is going to sort it for you.

Before the current restoration was done I took some paint samples from it. Happily, The samples are complete, that is to say they go right down to the fibreglass. You can even see the layer of pink floor paint that it was painted for The Happiness Patrol.

How will I do this? Scientifically! I will get the samples "scanned" at a local paint shop. I think our local DIY store uses the Valspar paint system. Is that available in other parts of the world? I can get the paint code, or failing that, get a small quantity mixed and send somebody a painted sample for matching locally.

Don't be concerned about colour accuracy - I have seen examples of the Valspar scanning system, where various materials like curtains and wallpaper have been scanned and matching paint made. It's absolutely incredible, certainly closer than buying the same colour paint from different batches.

Another thing -  if anyone is interested in the pink colour, I was considering trying to "slice" through one of the samples to expose it, but I don't think this will be practical. You can only see the colour edge-on. I can certainly colour-match it visually.

Let me see if I can take or find some photos of the samples, I'm sure you might find it "interesting"! I know where they are, I'll have to dig them out.

Extra information - the fibreglass surface of the box ISN'T smooth, it's got little tiny stand-out "dimples" on the surface, possibly for better paint adhesion. Not a lot of people know that.

"Knowledge is power", they say - with this information, you will have the most accurately coloured TYJ boxes in the universe! Oops, I'm beginning to sound like Davros! Time for a sausage sandwich and a lie-down, I think!!